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How to Get Off a Weight Loss Plateau

How to Get Off a Weight Loss Plateau

Weight Loss

You started exercising and eating healthier,...

Health Star of the Week: Karan's Yogic Weight Loss

Health Star of the Week: Karan's Yogic Weight Loss

Weight Loss

A sabbatical from his job, living in ashrams...

Calories in Popular Desserts

Calories in Popular Desserts

Weight Loss

If you're trying to watch your calorie...

Amazing Ways to Use Flaxseeds for Weight Loss

Amazing Ways to Use Flaxseeds for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Flaxseeds are a storehouse of omega-3 fatty...

Weight Loss Foods: Health Benefits of Pears

By  posted Apr 15th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Pears are sweet fruits that are rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants and flavanoids. This weight loss food is cholesterol- and fat-free and a superb snack option. Read on to find out the other health benefits of pears.  Continue Reading »

Health Star of the Week: Prateek’s Baby Steps Towards Weight Loss

By  posted Apr 13th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

17-year-old Prateek felt lethargic and exhausted more often than his friends at college, which made him think about his expanding girth and unhealthy eating habits. The young lad took it up as a challenge and started on his journey of losing weight naturally.  Continue Reading »

Weight Management: Factors that Influence Weighing Scale

By  posted Mar 22nd 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Weighing scale is one of the most important tools in weight management. But is this tool justified in its usage? We look at the factors that can influence the change in the number on the scale.  View Slideshow »

Avoid These Mistakes While Dealing With Cravings

By  posted Mar 17th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Cravings are anathema to weight loss, since we generally tend to crave unhealthy foods like chocolate, ice cream, cookies, pizza and burgers, which are loaded with calories and offer very little nutrition. While you can’t eradicate your cravings completely, you can prevent them from derailing your healthy eating and weight loss plans by avoiding these mistakes when you are faced with cravings.  View Slideshow »

Causes of Obesity in Children

By  posted Mar 13th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Childhood obesity cases are increasing at alarming rates. Obesity in children usually occurs due to unhealthy food choices, lack of physical activity and genetic conditions. This rise in the number of overweight children is disturbing and people need to exercise caution. Once children are overweight, it requires a lot of effort and commitment for them to return to a healthy weight.  Continue Reading »

Health Star of the Week: Lee's Life Changing Epiphany

By  posted Mar 11th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

It took an epiphany for Lee Pickering to kick start his weight loss journey, and that journey was made possible only with hard work and determination. Armed with personal experience, Lee is now a personal trainer and a HealthMeUp contributor, motivating others like him to make the right choices.  Continue Reading »

Lose Weight by Dieting With a Friend

By  posted Mar 9th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

A new study based on a survey suggests that people are more likely to lose weight if they diet with a friend, as compared to dieting alone.  Continue Reading »

The Truth about Beer Belly Fat

By  posted Mar 8th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Beer drinkers around the world tend to be a part of the not-so-cute-n-cuddly beer belly band wagon. A common problem among the young and old alike, beer belly is a cause of sedentary lifestyles and, contrary to popular belief, isn't always to do with beer. The good news is that it can be cured and the bad news is that even teetotallers might have a beer belly. Know why? We have Mukta Vasishta, Senior Dietician at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi and Sunita Roy Chowdhary, Senior Dietician at Rockland Hospital, New Delhi decoding the truth about beer belly fat for us today.  Continue Reading »

Calories in Popular Beverages

By  posted Mar 6th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Often, people who are counting their calories total up all the calories in their food but forget to include the calories in their drinks. If you're trying to watch your calorie intake, you should know how many calories there are in the beverages you drink.  View Slideshow »

Tough Love? Weight Shaming May Actually Lead to Weight Gain

By  posted Mar 4th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Contrary to conventional wisdom, researchers have found that depicting overweight people negatively in the media may lead them to gain more weight. The findings of four US-based research teams show that conventional strategies for encouraging young people to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits may actually backfire.  Continue Reading »


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