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The Busy Person’s Guide to Weight Loss

By  posted May 21st 2015 | IN Weight Loss

You want to eat healthy and work out today. You really do. But with deadline crunches, work marathons, household chores and billions of other things to do, your determination is dwindling. Unfortunately, the weighing scale doesn’t care about how much work you got done today. Losing weight requires commitment and discipline. Here are some smart hacks to help you shed those extra pounds, so that you stick to your commitment to lose weight no matter how busy you are.  View Slideshow »

How to Sculpt Your Thighs

By  posted May 17th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

The upper thighs and inner thighs are very hard work if you want to get that perfect shape and those taut muscles. But for most of us, even though the rest of our body complies with the hard work we put in, our thighs tell a different story. Cellulite often finds a hiding place in those thighs and sculpting them is quite difficult, but not impossible. So what should you do if you want those perfect thighs? Here are some great tips!  Continue Reading »

Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight...Really!

By  posted May 15th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

For a healthy lifestyle, sleep is essential, along with healthy food and exercise. Sleep is crucial for your mental health, too. Sleep deprivation (getting less than six hours a night) is linked to energy imbalances and potential weight gain. Your weight loss program can only be on track if you get regular sleep  View Slideshow »

Why You Should Exercise in the Morning

By  posted May 13th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Your trainer must have asked you to work out in the morning and you probably agreed right away, no questions asked. But there is actually a reason why you burn more fat in the morning - we tell you what it is.  Continue Reading »

6 Fat Burning Drinks That Will Shrink Your Waist

By  posted May 13th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Regular exercise and certain metabolism-boosting foods can help you burn body fat. If eating whole foods is a problem for you, you can try making these healthy, fat-burning drinks that will help you shrink your waist and melt your belly fat naturally.  View Slideshow »

Take the Train to Shed Some Weight

By  posted May 12th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

A new study shows that commuting to work via train or bicycle, instead of driving, can help you lose more weight in a couple of years.  Continue Reading »

Health Star of the Week: Sri Lakshmi's Determination to Lose Weight

By  posted May 11th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Find out how 27-year-old Sri Lakshmi, who weighed 123 kilos, lost weight with the help of exercise, a balanced diet and yes, determination.  Continue Reading »

Foods You Should Eat to Prevent Obesity Forever!

By  posted May 11th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

The main way to prevent weight gain or obesity is to learn how to follow an anti-inflammatory diet that features vegetables and fruits from all over the colour spectrum, along with whole grains, low-fat dairy, etc. Fostering a healthy relationship with food and becoming aware of reactive, habitual patterns of eating are vital to preventing weight gain.  View Slideshow »

What Is Your Ideal Weight?

By  posted May 10th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

Are you struggling to lose weight, with little to no success, just to fit into that impossibly small sized pair of jeans? Now ask yourself this – do you really need to lose all that weight? Health experts suggest that you can weigh more than your ideal weight and still be content, even happy. For an overweight person, losing ten percent body weight is considered healthy enough to avoid health hazards such as diabetes, high cholesterol, risk of heart disease and weight-related depression. Experts also suggest that this kind of weight loss lasts longer and helps you maintain your weight better in the long run. Confused? Read on…  Continue Reading »

Buckle Up to Lose Weight This Summer

By  posted May 7th 2015 | IN Weight Loss

We tend to think that summers just bog us down, but what we don't realise is that the season also helps us avoid binge eating and forces us to drink lots of fluids every day. This is exactly how you can lose weight in the summer heat.  View Slideshow »


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