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Yoga Poses: Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)

Yoga Poses: Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)

Healthy Living

Bhujanga means snake. In Bhujangasana we raise...

Supta Vajrasana: The Supine Thunderbolt Pose

Supta Vajrasana: The Supine Thunderbolt Pose

Healthy Living

Supta Vajrasana is Vajrasana in the lying down...

The Tale of Geeta Phogat

The Tale of Geeta Phogat


Geeta Phogat put India on the international...

Yoga Exercise: How to Get the Plough Pose Right

By  posted Feb 12th 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

The Plough Pose is the best yoga exercise to fight stiffness in the neck and tackle lower back pain. This yoga pose also improves digestion and strengthens the liver and kidneys. Rajesh Sharma, a personal trainer from Mumbai, explains the right way to do the plough pose.  Continue Reading »

8 Exercises for Six Pack Abs

By  posted Feb 10th 2015 | IN Diet & Fitness

Getting six pack abs, or the holy grail, is not only the epitome of fitness but a healthy way to lower body fat percentage too. Rajesh Sharma, a personal trainer from Mumbai, takes you through eight exercises that will help you build strong core muscles and a set of sexy abs.  Continue Reading »

Post Party Detox Drink: Cucumber Cooler Recipe

By  posted Jan 25th 2015 | IN Recipes

In the video below, celebrity chef, Tarla Dalal, provides you with a step-by-step guide to make this cucumber cooler. Watch the video to learn more about her easy tips and tricks to make this drink. She also tells us about the health benefits associated with it.  Continue Reading »

Give Your Khichdi A Healthier Twist: Buckwheat Khichdi Recipe

By  posted Oct 4th 2014 | IN Recipes
Give Your Khichdi A Healthier Twist: Buckwheat Khichdi Recipe

Khichdi is one of the healthiest recipes on an Indian menu but how often can you repeat this food? Give your traditional khichdi a break and try this healthy yet scrumptious buckwheat khichdi. In this recipe, we give you a step by step guide to prepare this healthy meal recipe.   Continue Reading »

How NOT to Perform CPR

By  posted Sep 29th 2014 | IN Healthy Living
How NOT to Perform CPR

Mr. Bean, the funny and violently inept goof that we all love. If there's one person we wouldn't take medical tips from, it's him. Here's a hilarious clip of Bean trying his best to perform CPR on a poor soul. Watch and don't try this at home, or anywhere else.   Continue Reading »

Workout Videos: Funny Workout Videos of All Time

By  posted Aug 24th 2014 | IN Buzz

If you thought workouts are boring, then these funny workout videos ‘will change your life’. Sit back as we take you through the funniest workout videos that you can practice at your own peril. Are you ready for the funniest workout videos? Then here goes...  Continue Reading »

Ab Workout: Six Packs Abs Conditioning

By  posted Aug 19th 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Ab workouts are sort after weight loss. Having six packs whether it is for men and women, is something you want to flaunt at the beach and in a sexy outfit. But before you hit into some hard core exercises, Rajesh Sharma, personal trainer from Mumbai takes you through abs conditioning for six packs.  Continue Reading »

You’ll Never Again Leave Your House without Sunscreen after You See This Video

By  posted Aug 19th 2014 | IN Videos

How often have you skipped your sunscreen this week, stating that the rain clouds have pretty much blocked the sun rays? Time and again you keep hearing how wearing a sunscreen is a must. But until you don’t see those spotty freckles appear, you don’t really realise the extent of the damage. Watch the video to find out what your skin looks like when you skip your sunscreen.  Continue Reading »

What Happens When A Woman Asks Some Random Strangers For Condoms? (Must Watch Video)

By  posted Aug 11th 2014 | IN Videos

WHO (2013) states that around 18 lakh people die in the world because of unprotected sex every year. Two lakh are Indians, mostly between 16 to 35 years of age. And we’re stuck in a time where some men still find it awkward to go buy condoms! So what happens when a woman heads out on the street asking random strangers where she can find condoms?  Continue Reading »

Healthy Cake Recipe: Carrot Cake

By  posted Aug 1st 2014 | IN Recipes

Can you eat your cake and watch your health too? The answer is yes! This article features a healthy carrot cake that is filled with substantial amounts of fibre and vitamins. With a healthy mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and jaggery to flavour it this cake will also be a delight to your taste buds.  Continue Reading »



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