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Nutrition is the supply of ‘food’ required by organisms and cells to stay alive. The benefits of good nutrition are many; they range from helping you maintain a healthy weight and help in enhancing body functions all over the body. Click on the following links to read HealthMeUp.com stories about nutrition, nutrition facts, calorie in food and nutritional label and much more...



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healthmeup - 09/02/2014 08:00:00

Health Benefits of Drinking Milk

Health Benefits of Drinking Milk Milk is one of the richest sources of calcium and vitamin D. In addition, it also has a bunch of other nutrients like protein, potassium, vitamin A and B12 etc. that are vital for your health. It is also recommended that one continuous to drink milk over the years, irrespective of your age. This is... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 08/18/2014 07:30:00

Exercise Equipment: Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

Exercise Equipment: Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts The LLA-Method is a fitness and nutrition concept, developed by the German-based graduated sport scientist Andreas Heller. "Part 2: Strength and Cardio Training" aims to provide you with comprehensive and well-founded knowledge about the fundamentals of strength and cardio training, written in a... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 08/14/2014 10:00:00

How Many Eggs Can You Eat?

How Many Eggs Can You Eat? Eggs are a good source of nutrition but they also have very high cholesterol. An important component of a balanced healthy diet, they have advantages and disadvantages so it can be hard to decide how many eggs you should be eating every week. Here are some of the facts that you need to know about... Continue Reading »


iDiva - 08/12/2014 16:43:03

Is it OK for Kids to Eat Eggs Every Day

Is it OK for Kids to Eat Eggs Every Day Mischievous munchkins who run-around all day require all the nutrition you can provide. So feeding them healthy food is extremely essential to keep them high on energy. Eggs are considered to be rich in energy and most kids aren't fussy about them, while moms take no time to make egg-celent dishes.... Continue Reading »


iDiva - 08/11/2014 16:13:59

How to Make Bean Noodle Cake [Video]

How to Make Bean Noodle Cake [Video] It’s called a cake but it’s a savoury snack. Names can so deceiving, we tell you! Bean noodle cake, as fancy as it sounds, needs barely 20 minutes to make and can be termed as a fancy snack if you are hosting a few guests. It contains a variety of veggies and is shallow fried which means you... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 08/10/2014 07:00:00

6 Easy Fitness Foods

6 Easy Fitness Foods These grab-and-go foods work best when you are short on time. Not only does the protein content in these foods helps you last longer, it also helps build your muscles. Proteins are an important capsule for a better body. In addition to this, proteins aid in rebuilding your muscles and help in... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 08/09/2014 08:00:00

How to Pick Healthy Breakfast Cereals

How to Pick Healthy Breakfast Cereals Picking breakfast cereals may look like an easy task, but when you're in that supermarket it can get quite confusing. You're faced with the dilemma of either following a healthy friend's advice or what the celebrities are endorsing this season. Some breakfast cereals guarantee more energy, others... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 07/16/2014 10:30:00

Weight Loss Foods: Health Benefits of Jowar

Weight Loss Foods: Health Benefits of Jowar The humble ancient grain, Jowar (Sorghum), which has been known to man since 3000 BC, it rapidly gaining importance for its nutritional and health benefits. Nutritionist Neelanjana Singh, Heinz Nutri Life Clinic, Delhi shares with us, the health benefits of jowar. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 07/08/2014 11:00:00

5 Healthy Superfoods You Must Include In Your Kids Diet

5 Healthy Superfoods You Must Include In Your Kids Diet The kids today can be simply referred to as the fast food generation. They have easy access to all the food and yet not all the nutrition. Unlike adults, kids have different nutritional needs that help develop their immunity and growth. To ensure that your kid get all the right kinds of nutrients,... Continue Reading »



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