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Immune System

Our body has an in-built immune system, which helps us to protect yourselves against various diseases. Boost your disease-fighting system, by reading healthMeUp.com stories on immune system, how to improve your immune system, how to boost your and other information and expert opinions on keeping the immune system healthy.



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healthmeup - 04/09/2014 12:30:00

Baby Care: Vaccination Schedule for Babies

Baby Care: Vaccination Schedule for Babies An infant’s immune system isn’t mature enough to tackle infections and viruses. In order to prevent the onset of a number of major diseases, every child should be vaccinated with these essential vaccinations in the first two years of their life. Dr Himanshu Batra, Consultant Pediatrics,... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/22/2014 06:00:00

Health Care: Sex Can Improve Aches and Cramps

Health Care: Sex Can Improve Aches and Cramps We rarely think about it, but sex can improve or reduce aches, body pain and cramps. We are aware that sex has several health benefits like boost immune system, reduce stress, burns calories, improves mood and regulates hormones. Today we look at how a sexual act is linked to improving yours aches... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/13/2014 14:55:31

HIV Myths Busted

HIV Human immunodeficiency virus or HIV is a dangerous virus that attacks the immune system of the body. HIV causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), a fatal disease that causes progressive failure of the immune system thus making a person vulnerable to life-threatening opportunistic... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/11/2014 06:00:00

Winter Care: Ways to Stay Hydrated in Winter

Winter Care: Ways to Stay Hydrated in Winter It’s easier to keep the body hydrated in summer as we naturally tend to keep drinking fluids but it is equally important to keep the body well hydrated in winter even though you don’t feel like drinking water often. Keeping yourself hydrated in winter will help boost your immune system which... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/10/2014 12:29:29

Oatmeal Recipe to Fight Cold, Flu & Cough

Oatmeal Recipe to Fight Cold, Flu & Cough Oatmeal contains beta glucan, zinc and selenium that boost the immune system and helps prevent and fight symptoms of common cold. Beta glucan is a fibre, which is essential to flush out cholesterol and infection in the respiratory tract, thereby making oats a healthy ingredient . So, try out these... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/03/2014 08:00:00

Lupus Diet and Nutrition Tips

Lupus Diet and Nutrition Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease with symptoms like inflammation, swelling, and damage to the liver, kidney, skin, joints, lungs and heart. It is an illness in which the immune system becomes hyperactive and begins to attack normal and healthy tissues. When treating lupus, one must take... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 01/23/2014 08:00:00

Health Benefits of Juicing

Juicing Juicing is a great way to consume vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants in their natural state. Besides, juicing can also boost one’s energy levels and immune system, because the nutrients present in fruits and vegetables can help protect one against heart disease, cancer and arthritis.... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 01/10/2014 13:30:00

Healthy Oat Recipes: Oats Lemon Rice

Healthy Oat Recipes: Oats Lemon Rice Lemon rice is a famous south Indian delicacy, but we give it a healthy twist by adding a generous helping of oats to it. Oats contains several important nutrients in it that help keep our immune systems strong such as zinc, selenium, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, copper, magnesium, and... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 12/18/2013 12:30:00

Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Juices in Winter

Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Juices in Winter In the winter months, most of us are plagued with cold and flu, seasonal health disorders, itchy skin conditions and infections due to lowered immunity. So, during this season, we need an active immune system and high metabolism to fight diseases. And, the one thing we can do for our bodies is to... Continue Reading »



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