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healthmeup - 04/02/2015 08:30:00

8 Hair Care Blunders You're Probably Making

8 Hair Care Blunders You're Making Here are some serious hair crimes that we’re all guilty of, and some tips and tricks to help you do things the right way. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/14/2015 07:30:00

Pre-Bridal Hair Care Tips

Pre-Bridal Hair Care Tips Just like your muscles and bones, your hair can become fragile as you get older. For brides to be, this can prove to be a huge problem as the big day approaches. Here are some tips that will help make you get thick and luxuriant hair before your wedding. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 05/17/2014 08:30:00

Foot Care: Get Summer Ready Feet

Foot Care: Get Summer Ready Feet Foot care is important, especially in summer. Smelly feet isn’t the only condition that can arise from closed up sweaty feet. The hot temperature can cause a number of infections and blisters too. Here are a few foot care tips for summer. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 11/05/2013 07:00:00

Personal Care: Difference Between A Manicure and A Pedicure

Personal Care: Difference Between A Manicure and A Pedicure Personal care is important for men and women. Getting a manicure and a pedicure may seem like a fashionable trend, but it helps maintain personal hygiene. Today, we explore the benefits of a good manicure and a good pedicure. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 06/12/2013 14:30:00

Monsoon Skin and Hair-Care

Monsoon Skin and Hair-Care A few tips and tricks to keep your skin and hair safe and beautiful even as the monsoon tries to wreck havoc with your looks. Don’t let the monsoon dampen your passion to look and feel great. Sure, the excess humidity in the air during this season can damage your skin and hair, making it look... Continue Reading »