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Jeera Aloo Recipe

Jeera Aloo Recipe


This is a healthy recipe for jeera aloo (cumin...

Low Calorie Drink: Apple Cinnamon Soya Shake

Low Calorie Drink: Apple Cinnamon Soya Shake


A satiating fruity in-between snack that can be...

Low-Calorie Recipe: Vegetable Oats Pancakes

Low-Calorie Recipe: Vegetable Oats Pancakes


Oats can be used to make more than just...

Calcium-Rich Recipe: Grape Lassi

Calcium-Rich Recipe: Grape Lassi


Beat the summer heat with this cool and...

Healthy Diabetic Recipe: Mock Peach Slush

By  posted Apr 16th 2015 | IN Recipes

Here is a quick drink to stimulate your gastronomic juices! This appetising drink should ideally be made only with fresh fruits, since canned fruits are loaded with sugar. But if you have no choice, remember to remove the sugar syrup in order to make it suitable for the diabetic palate. When peaches are in season, try to buy fresh ones, which should first be cooked in a little water with some sugar substitute before being used in the juice. And do not forget to add the ginger juice; it imparts an unusually enticing tanginess to the peaches.  Continue Reading »

Diabetic-Friendly Summer Salad Recipe

By  posted Apr 15th 2015 | IN Recipes

This fresh and nutritious salad with cucumber, lettuce and bean sprouts is a great way to refresh yourself on a hot summer day. An exclusive recipe by nutritionist Tara Murali, Diabetacare, it is both healthy and diabetic-friendly.  Continue Reading »

Wine Recipes: Chicken Curry in White Wine

By  posted Apr 14th 2015 | IN Recipes

White wine is rich in a type of antioxidant that is also present in olive oil. Moderate white wine consumption not only improves physical health, but also helps overcome stress. Now club it with chicken, which is a low-calorie source of protein that is loaded with niacin, magnesium and vitamins B, B6, B12, C, D and E, and you have everything you need. Try making this chicken curry recipe with white wine and let us know how it turns out.  Continue Reading »

Broccoli Stir-Fry Recipe

By  posted Apr 13th 2015 | IN Recipes

This is an incredibly simple and nutritious recipe that is perfect for when you don’t feel like cooking anything too complicated. Either a meal by itself or a delicious appetiser, it will soon become a family favourite.  Continue Reading »

Low Calorie Recipe: Bread Walnut Ice-Cream

By  posted Apr 12th 2015 | IN Recipes

Here’s a guilt-free dessert for you! Skim milk and corn flour are used as thickening agents to give body and a creamy texture to this ice-cream. Brown bread is healthy as it is made from whole wheat flour. With just 143 calories per serving, this ice-cream is a unique delicacy in itself.  Continue Reading »

Zero Oil Recipe: Chickpea Salad with Mint Dressing

By  posted Apr 11th 2015 | IN Recipes

Chickpeas are one of the most nutritious beans, and are rich in iron, protein and folic acid. Yoghurt enriches this tangy salad with protein and calcium, while coriander and mint increase its Vitamin A content. Chill this salad before you serve it to bring out its flavours.  Continue Reading »

Mexican Salad Recipe

By  posted Apr 10th 2015 | IN Recipes

This refreshing salad is packed with proteins, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals. The colourful ingredients are topped with a healthy dressing and served in lettuce leaves, making it an appealing and delicious meal.  Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Recipe: Brown Rice (Parsi Style)

By  posted Apr 9th 2015 | IN Recipes

This is a traditional Parsi delicacy that is made with caramelised onions and sugar, which give the rice its deep brown colour. Unlike other recipes that call for a lot of oil to brown the onions, this recipes uses a nonstick pan and just a spoonful of oil. Serve this aromatic rice with a spicy dhansaak.  Continue Reading »

Omega-3 Rich Recipe: Flax Seed Raita

By  posted Apr 8th 2015 | IN Recipes

Flax seeds are one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to build immunity, manage cholesterol and prevent heart disease. They can be tricky to add to your diet, so here is a simple and healthy flax seed raita recipe.  Continue Reading »

Iron Rich Recipe: Til Gur ki Roti

By  posted Apr 7th 2015 | IN Recipes

Time for some sweet memories. It is amazing how the aromas of jaggery and til always bring back memories of mom’s cooking. This traditional duo reflects mom’s care not just in taste but also in its nutritional richness. The use of both jaggery and sesame seeds makes this til gur ki roti an iron-rich treat that helps improve your haemoglobin levels and keeps you active and attentive.  Continue Reading »


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