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The Pleasure of Achieving Fitness Goals [Guest Column]

  By posted Nov 11th 2012
Diet & Fitness
Samraat Kakkar

Samraat Kakkar

Into Digital marketing by profession, stung by the fitness bug in recent years, bringing to you a working professional's journey from being overweight to fitness. Through this column, I endeavour to bring to you my daily challenges, temptations & lifestyle changes that a working professional like you and me encounter to attain our expected form of fitness. My motto: fitness is a journey, not a destination.


The Pleasure of Achieving Fitness Goals [Guest Column]

A few weekends ago, the topic that I had in mind to write this post was very different. But then something happened over a weekend that has inspired me to share my experience. 

For those of us, who have managed to maintain discipline about our health & fitness habits, there is always a bigger goal that keeps us inspired. For some it is the strength, for some it's the flexibility, for some it's the endurance & stamina. Personally for me, it was running a half marathon. Maybe some day even a full marathon.

Running in the outdoors is very different from testing your endurance on a treadmill. The last time I had attempted to do this was in December of 2011 when, motivated by a couple of friends, I decided to be part of a weekend running group. That attempt lasted for less than a KM of running and ended with a lot of doubts about whether I can ever run outdoors & compete in any form of marathon or long distance running or not.

The weekend that I write of, began with my decision to give another shot at running, thanks to a Quarterathon / 11 KM run event organised by a friend. My participation in the event was more to show support than to actually run the full race. I had openly discussed the idea that I may run a couple of KMs, as long as my legs and back hold. I do have a weak lower back.

But I surprised myself more than I would have surprised anyone else. Not only did I run the full 11 KM's , but did it at a decent time of 1 hr & 17 mins at an average speed of 8.5 Km/ hr. The sense of satisfaction & achievement that I have felt in the last few days is difficult to pen down. But the entire experience over the weekend has motivated me to start focussing on my goal to run the half marathon again. Importantly, it has also increased my faith in the exercise and fitness routine that I have followed over the last one year , to focus on overall fitness levels, rather than focus on a single aspect of fitness.  

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