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How Effective is the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan?

  By posted Jun 12th 2011
Weight Loss
How Effective is the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Plan?

The Jenny Craig weight loss plan is a three-fold approach to weight loss where participants are educated about healthy food, right exercise and positive living. The plan's three levels begin with a roundup of healthy eating advice propagated through pre-packaged Jenny Craig meals. Eventually, a participant can eat normal food, and exercise well, while maintaining a sound balance between living and external environment. The Jenny Craig program is famous for its all encompassing weight loss approach, where the support group is available 24*7 on phone and mail. 

What does a Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Diet looks like? 
In The Jenny Craig Weight Loss plan, pre packaged meals are encouraged in the first level. The purpose of these packaged meals is for observers to understand meal portions and serving sizes along with food group divisions. If anyone's still hungry, they can supplement these meals with a list of permitted 'outside' foods like fruits and vegetables. In the later stages, observers are taught to prepare and division these meals by themselves at home. 

The main focus of this diet is moderation. Nothing is sinful as long as you practise portion control. Another star quality of this diet is that each and every meal plan is tailormade according to the client’s needs, weight, height, sex and health goals. This is where the Jenny Craig plan moves into an offline consultation set up.

Started in Australia, and soon popularised and established all over America, the Jenny Craig plan rests heavily on dietary and lifestyle consultations at Jenny Craig centers. Of course, today this consultation is available both through their website and phonelines. There are also several books and dvds for people who want to continue the plan on their own.

How efficient is the Jenny Craig plan?
Switching from Jenny Craig's pre-packaged meals to regular home meals can prove to be difficult for some diet observers, as this is a classic case of discpline winning or not. Other than this, the program calls for observers to be in constant touch with the counselling and support groups. 

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