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Men’s Health: What is Vasectomy?

  By posted Jul 26th 2013
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Men’s Health: What is Vasectomy, Complications and Procedure



A vasectomy is a surgical procedure for permanent birth control in males. It is the surgical cut made in the vas deference (the tube that carries sperm from the testes). In comparison to female sterilisation (tubectomy) vasectomy is a simple office procedure, which can be completed in about half an hour.


When a married couple decides not to have any more children and are very sure about the decision.

When a married couple have some genetic disorder in either or both, and do not want to pass this to their offspring


Complications of a Vasectomy

Generally no serious complications, some may have a mild infection or swelling and pain.

 On rare occassion, the  vas deferens may join together and this may lead to pregnancy.

• Vasectomy does not interfere with erection or orgasm or ejaculation 

Does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases 

 Always use a condom

One is not sterile immediately after undergoing a vasectomy

It takes about 3 months (due to live sperms in storage)

So use contraceptives for the duration.


Procedure of Vasectomy

Done under local anaesthesia

A small cut in the scrotum is made along with a tie and cut on a small piece of the vas deferens

It can be done without a cut (non scalpel vasectomy) where no stitches are needed

One can return to work after a few days


*Data Courtesy: Dr K.K.Panicker, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Sevenhills Hospital

*Image courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images





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