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How to Select Healthy Snacks from Supermarkets

  By posted Jan 7th 2013
Healthy Living


Healthy Living: How to Select Healthy Snacks from Supermarket

If supermarket shopping for healthy food products has you foxed, then we're here to help. We agree that shopping for groceries is far tougher than it looks. Yes, you have a wide range of products to choose from, but are you making healthy choices? How do you judge if the packaged food is healthy and will not spike your blood sugar level or tip your blood pressure to the extreme? There are a few points you can add to your check list, don’t worry it doesn’t involve remembering tongue twister names. Here’s how you can select healthy snacks next time you go grocery shopping to the supermarket.

How to Select Healthy Snacks from Supermarkets:

  1. Look for products that lists out ingredients you can pronounce. Believer it or not, the more complex the name, the more processed it is.
  2. Choose products with minimum amount of sodium.
  3. Whole grain products should contain at least 2 grams fiber in each serving.
  4. Opt for products with least amount of ingredients – this especially includes preservatives, artificial flavouring and colouring, high amount of sodium, and artificial sweetners.
  5. Another rule of thumb – the first ingredient on the food label is used in large quantities, for example, cookies contain – sugar, flour, dry fruits. This implies that these cookies have higher content of sugar than any other ingredient.
  6. Avoid products that mention fat and sugar as the first three ingredients.
  7. Avoid products with brominated vegetable oil, fructose corn syrup, shortening, fat substitutes, monosodium glutamate and emulsifiers.
  8. Completely avoid products with hydrogenated fat; it is bad for heart patients and for everyone else as well.
  9. Always opt for fresh products.

Now that we have broken down the rules on how to select healthy snacks from supermarkets, we hope your next visit will help you choose healthy fresh products. Healthy living is an option, the choice is yours.

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