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How to Make Rose Water At Home

  By posted Jul 31st 2014
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How to Make Rose Water At Home

Rose water has numerous skincare benefits. It has been used in beauty regimes for ages. You can add rose water to your face pack or use it directly to clean your face. Rose water is also known to be helpful while dealing with acne and to rebalance pH levels of your skin. Skip the commercially sold rose water and make your own rose water at home. This way you can be assured that you use nothing but the purest and most natural product.




  • Freshly picked rose petals


  • Distilled water



  • Choose the most freshly picked roses to add to your rose water. If you have your own rose plant, take some fresh roses from it.


  • If you pick your own flowers, it is recommended that your pick the flowers two to three house after sunrise once the dew has evaporated.


  • Pluck out the petals and discard the stems.


  • Wash the petal gently yet thoroughly to ensure that you remove the bugs and dirt.


  • Keep the petals in a large dish of distilled water.


  • Ensure that the water is just enough to cover the petals.


  • Cover this dish with a lid and allow it to simmer on low fire. The water has to be steaming hot not boiling hot.


  • Allow it to steam till the rose petals have lost their colour and the water has become the colour of the petals. You will now be able to see the rose oil floating on the surface of the water.


  • Strain and collect this water in a bottle. You can now use this rose water whenever you want.


  • Store it in a refrigerator so that it can last long.


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