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How to Get the Perfect Butt

  By Trina Remedios  posted May 29th 2012 at 7:00AM IN | Avg Rating
Diet & Fitness

How to Get the Perfect Butt

The perfect figure, especially the perfect derriere, is as sought after as water on a hot day. With icons like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Pippa ruling the roost with their perfectly shaped posteriors, every woman wants to shape up and fast. This brings us to the doorstep of our expert, International Master Trainer - Sophia Yasmin. We asked her what it takes to get that perfect toned butt, and here are her answers.

If you are working out at home, try out:

Single leg squat – First learn to balance yourself, then stretch out your arms parallel to the floor. Lift one of your legs and squat, stay down for a second and rise.

Step ups – Place your left leg on a step or a risen area for a second, and let your right leg be behind you. Then step down with your right leg followed by left.
Hip extensions – Place a table a little ahead of you, stand with you legs apart. With the support of the table bend forward at a 45 degree angle; then lift your legs behind you without bending it or your body. Hold it for a second, and bring your leg back down.

If you want to try an outdoor sport to improve your derriere, try out:
Cycling – When you push down the pedal you are exercising the gluteal maximus, it is the muscle that begins at the upper part of the butt at the pelvis and stretches to the thigh bone.

If you want to try yoga she has the answer, try out:
Pilates, especially side leg lift series and Shoulder Bridges.
There are other outdoor activities that will make you feel sexy from the outside and good from the inside, you can try out: Running and swimming.

Remember that spot targeting does not work. Therefore, if you need to first lose weight in order to get a shapely butt, then you will need to attack that frontier with a balanced diet and optimal workout routine. The exercises and regimes listed above will work if you are within reach of your desired weight, and are including them in a well-rounded fitness programme. The ultimate solution to a flabby backside is always exercise along with a healthy lfiestyle. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts.

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