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Winner Announcement: The Healthy New Year Contest

  By posted Jan 18th 2013


Winner Announcement: The Healthy New Year Contest

You entered the contest, participated, and then patiently waited for us to go through all the contest entries. Now, it's time to reap the fruits of your perseverance! Here's our winner announcement for the Healthy New Year Contest sponsored by Fortis.

We asked you Which part of the body does Cervical Cancer affect?, and we were pleased to note that our readers are well aware about Cervical Cancer . Cervical cancer is the cancer of the cervix. The cervix is the narrow part of the lower uterus, often referred to as the neck of the womb.

Here are the 5 winners:


  1. Yalamarthi Madhu
  2. Jaikumar Bhatia
  3. Aarthi Kanagaraj
  4. Sarla Agarwal
  5. Pavan Sabharwal


As promised, each winner will receive a gift hamper courtesy the contest sponsor - Fortis



Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading, integrated healthcare delivery provider in Asia. The healthcare verticals of the company span diagnostics, primary care, day care specialty and hospitals, with an asset base in 11 countries, many of which represent the fastest-growing healthcare delivery markets in the world.

Currently, the company operates its healthcare delivery network in Australia, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, India, Mauritius, Nepal, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam with 76 hospitals, over 12,000 beds, over 600 primary care centres, 194 day care specialty centres, over 240 diagnostic centres and a talent pool of over 23,000 people. Fortis Healthcare is driven by the vision of becoming a global leader in the integrated healthcare delivery space and the larger purpose of saving and enriching lives through clinical excellence.


* If your name is on this list, then please send your name and address in a Facebook message to HealthMeUp.com's Facebook Page.

* Don’t forget to mention your name and contact information so that we know who you are!

* Winners must send in the messages by 19th February 2013, failing which other winners will be selected.



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