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Common Reasons for Tattoo Removal

By  posted Apr 27th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Getting a tattoo has become a new fashion statement. The number of tattoo artists and centres providing tattoo services has been increasing at an alarming pace. Even teens have started to queue up outside tattoo centres.  View Slideshow »

Penis Pains? You Won’t Believe What's Causing It

By  posted Apr 27th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Are you experiencing excruciating pain down there? Here are the five most common reasons that can cause pain in the penis.  View Slideshow »

14 Surprising Facts about Phobias

By  posted Apr 27th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Phobias may seem illogical and absurd to many, but they present a real problem to those afflicted. Phobias are relentless, irrational fears that people have of certain objects or situations. Phobias can occur in different ways; the fear linked to a phobia can focus on a specific object (specific phobia) or it could be a fear of humiliation in a public setting (social phobia).  View Slideshow »

Fight Sweaty Hair Smell Naturally

By  posted Apr 26th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Smelly hair can be a big turnoff. Technically our hair smell is neutral until we dip it in something. Pull a strand of hair and smell it and you will realise it is the last thing you applied on it, it can be your hair spray, hair conditioner, cigarette or sweat. One can also have smelly hair after a workout or after a long commute.  Continue Reading »

5 Reasons Why Men Should Groom their Privates

By  posted Apr 26th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Men spend hours obsessing about grooming the hair on their head but tend to ignore their pubic hair. It is only when they are going to have sex, that they begin to groom their privates. The fact remains that ungroomed privates are not only a complete turn off, but are also unhygienic. Here are five reasons why men should groom their privates.  Continue Reading »

6 Health Benefits of Kissing

By  posted Apr 26th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Kissing – is a language which is known all over the globe. It is easiest way of showing affection to your partner and telling them that you them. But there is more to kissing than just affection or lust. Did you know that kissing not only helps to improve your bond with your partner but it also provides a range of health benefits? Today, we list down top 10 benefits you will receive when you smooch your sweetheart. Read it and don’t forget to share with your partner.  Continue Reading »

Qualities to Look For In a Babysitter

By  posted Apr 26th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

It can be an overwhelming task to find a nanny or a babysitter if you don’t know what traits to look for. Here are some characteristics to keep in mind when you're hiring a nanny or sitter for your little one.  View Slideshow »

Foolproof Ways to Prevent Malaria

By  posted Apr 25th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

In South East Asia, India is the worst-affected country by Malaria with about 24 million cases being diagnosed per year. And almost half of the world's population is at the risk of getting infected. Every minute, a child dies of malaria somewhere in the world. The good news is that the malaria mortality rates have fallen by 47 percent due to control measures. Hence, it is an easily preventable disease, and a few small steps can go a long way.  Continue Reading »

Understanding Mosquitoes and Malaria

By  posted Apr 25th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

With World Malaria Day just around the corner, HealthMeUp got in touch with malaria expert, Dr. Sarala K Subbarao, Consultant, Vector Science Forum, ICMR, who was the former Director of the National Institute of Malaria Research in Delhi, to discuss malaria which kills approximately 1 million people in the world every year.  View Slideshow »

15 Funny Pregnancy Memes

By  posted Apr 24th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Pregnancy is one of the most joyful times in a woman's life, and by joyful we mean painful, uncomfortable, awkward and did we mention uncomfortable? Here are some funny memes to help you laugh your way through your pregnancy.  View Slideshow »


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