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Have You Been Vaccinated Against Cervical Cancer Yet?

By  posted Jun 12th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Since 2006, two vaccines that fight the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) have become available in India. HPV is the virus that is responsible for over 99 percent of the cases of cervical cancer.  Continue Reading »

Try These Home Remedies to Get Rid of Your Tan

By  posted Jun 12th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

You're back from your vacation and your skin is all burnt, right? Here are some natural remedies to help you rid of your tan at home, using products from your kitchen.  Continue Reading »

6 Things You Need to Know about Grey Hair

By  posted Jun 12th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Most people dread the day that their hair turns grey, thinking of each grey strand as another nail in their coffin. Unfortunately, grey hair is a fact of life that all of us have to deal with at some point or the other, so here are six things you need to know about it.  Continue Reading »

Beat Anxiety: How to Become Confident in Life

By  posted Jun 12th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Social anxiety is a debilitating issue. It can be managed, however. Here are some tips that can really help you cope with social anxiety.  View Slideshow »

Debunking Myths about Water Purifiers

By  posted Jun 11th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Water, which makes up over 70 percent of our body composition, is extremely influential and vital, providing the body with strength and the ability to maintain good health. However, our water quality has worsened in recent years and so have the problems associated with water contamination.  Continue Reading »

How to Use Garlic to Treat Colds at Home

By  posted Jun 11th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Garlic strengthens the immune system and its antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties equip the body to fight colds, coughs and chest infections. It also reduces the severity of respiratory tract infections and even cures chronic bronchitis. The oil in garlic relieves congestion and opens up respiratory passages. Here are some ways to use garlic at home to treat colds.  Continue Reading »

Morning Wood: Why Do Men Get Erections in the Morning?

By  posted Jun 11th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

It happens to little boys, teenagers and grown men - the ability to pitch a tent in the morning without any camping skills. We're referring to nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), which is also known as morning wood, or morning erections.  Continue Reading »

Symptoms of Adult ADHD

By  posted Jun 11th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

If you’re constantly overwhelmed, always running late, extremely forgetful and unable to keep track of things, you could have adult ADHD.  View Slideshow »

8 Things That Affect Your Blood Sugar Levels

By  posted Jun 10th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

The first thing that diabetics and pre-diabetics are told is that they need to control their blood sugar levels. To do so, it is important to understand the various factors that affect blood sugar, and how you can control them.  Continue Reading »

5 Strange Reasons Why You Make Bad Decisions

By  posted Jun 10th 2015 | IN Healthy Living

Have you ever made such a stupid decision that you wanted to kick yourself for it? So bad that when you think back on it, you just cannot fathom what compelled you to do it. Well, we have some suggestions. Here are five strange things that can cause you to make bad decisions.  Continue Reading »


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