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How to Get Into the Best Shape Ever [Guest Column]

By  posted Jul 26th 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Today, our guest contributor - David Dack - hands out some easy to follow and quick tips that will help you get into great shape...  Continue Reading »

Speed-up Metabolism with Mountain Climber Exercises

By  posted Jul 24th 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Mountain climber is a body weight exercise and also a compound exercise. In simple words, mountain climber does not need equipments and makes use of several muscle groups at a time. If you want to increase metabolism and reduce weight and strengthen the muscles, include mountain climber exercise in your routine.  Continue Reading »

World's Fittest Cosplayers: Lonstermash

By  posted Jul 23rd 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Lonstermash is popularly known for his Wolverine cosplays, and his uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman. But it's just not his face, Lonstermash has a body that some might say, looks better than his movie counterpart. Find out more about this Hollywood doppelgänger and what it takes to get the body of a superhero.  Continue Reading »

Advanced Abs Workout: Video on Hanging V-Raise

By  posted Jul 23rd 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Hanging V-raise leg exercise is an advanced workout that brings out the abs and strengthens the core. This exercise is definitely not for beginners, but effective for those who practice advanced form of exercises. Hanging V-raise exercise demands full-body strength but assures six pack abs.  Continue Reading »

4 Important Bodybuilding Supplements You Must Have

By  posted Jul 22nd 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Diet and exercise is important no matter what your goal may be - losing weight, gaining weight, building muscles and keeping your immune system strong. But our sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits stop us from getting the required daily intake of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and a host of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Pallavi Srivastava, Fitness Nutritionist and Founder of Q-Slim Fitness Studio lists out the four important dietary supplements we must have.  View Slideshow »

Dance Workout: Fat Burning Dance Workout

By  posted Jul 21st 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Want to lose weight, but you're bored with the thought of going to the gym? If you feel this way, fret not, as we have discovered this fun alternate workout, which will not only help you get fit and toned, but will leave you with oodles of energy.  Continue Reading »

Back Pain: Exercise Is the Solution

By  posted Jul 21st 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

What do you do when your back hurts? Do you stop exercising? Do you sleep on it? Fast becoming a common ailment for the sedentary working classes, back pain must not be taken lightly. If after consulting a doctor or expert, it turns out that your back pain is not bone or joint related, then weak core muscles are usually to blame.  Continue Reading »

Indoor Workout Ideas

By  posted Jul 20th 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness
Indoor Workout Ideas

Indoor workout ideas are a great way to beat the weather blues when they start affecting your workout routine. Take this monsoon for instance – it’s pouring cats and dogs and all you can think of is curling up under the blanket. Who would want to step out for a walk or head to the gym in this weather- no one! But you are worried that all the lazing about and yummy snacks (read fried food and more fried food) will make you pile on weight in no time. Fitness trainer Somesh Kamra puts together some indoor workout ideas so that you are fit come rain, or sunshine.   Continue Reading »

How is HIIT Different from CrossFit?

By  posted Jul 18th 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Some of the best workout programs for weight loss and endurance is HIIT and CrossFit. But which fitness program is better than the other. Read on to find out…  Continue Reading »

Bored of Your Workouts? Here's Why

By  posted Jul 17th 2014 | IN Diet & Fitness

Clocking endless hours at the gym isn’t fun when the very thought of lacing up makes you yawn in despair. Even those dance classes you joined in order to shape up the fun way, seem monotonous now. A few sessions into the next fitness fad you fancy will have you wishing for bed and munchies in no time too. Face it. You’re bored. And your workouts aren’t cutting it for you anymore. Here’s why you’ve fallen into this workout rut, and how you can get out of it today.  Continue Reading »


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