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Trina Remedios

Trina Remedios

A healthy lifestyle assures a healthy heart, is the health mantra for Trina Remedios. Trained at the Times School of Journalism, she went on to write about the glamorous side of food and lifestyle. But she hit the brakes and swerved towards a goal for a happy heart, which includes mental and physical well-being. Positivism, exercise and a balanced diet is her game. Going by her looks, you may think age has defied her, but it all has to do with her care-free spirit.

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Workout Videos: Funny Workout Videos of All Time

By  Posted  Aug 24th 2014 | IN

If you thought workouts are boring, then these funny workout videos will change your life. Sit back as we take you through the funniest workout videos that you can practice at your own peril. Are you ready for the funniest workout videos?...Read more »

How to Lose Weight With Yoga

By  Posted  Aug 22nd 2014 | IN

How to lose weight with yoga is on everyone's mind as 2013 begins with a powerpacked list of health resolutions across the board. But is yoga really that effective for weight loss? Do all forms of yoga help and promote weight loss?...Read more »

Ab Workout: Six Packs Abs Conditioning

By  Posted  Aug 19th 2014 | IN

Ab workouts are sort after weight loss. Having six packs whether it is for men and women, is something you want to flaunt at the beach and in a sexy outfit. But before you hit into some hard core exercises, Rajesh Sharma, personal trainer...Read more »

Skin Care: How Stress Affects Acne

By  Posted  Aug 19th 2014 | IN

Acne is one skin aliment that will give you sleepless nights. It doesnt make for a very good close-up pic for Facebook and becomes a bother when you're dressing up for that important social event. However, stressing over acne will...Read more »

Biker Fitness Guide: How to Avoid Backaches

By  Posted  Aug 16th 2014 | IN

Every boy or mans dream girl will always be a bike. The biggest turn on is the power and speed of the bike, plus its the best way to attract girls. But if you're a biker, we're sure you have already experienced severe back pain...Read more »

10 Foods that Boost Your Energy

By  Posted  Aug 12th 2014 | IN

We all hate to work; why? Because we are usually too tired from the previous days work or because each work day leaves us with little to no energy for a fun evening. Well, we give you 10 foods that will boost your energy in an instant,...Read more »

How to Get Radiant Skin in Your 20s

By  Posted  Aug 10th 2014 | IN

This is the age where getting hitched is on everyones mind. People in their 20s have to look and feel radiant to procure their dream lover along with the dream job. (Blame it on vanity!) So how do you get radiant skin in your 20s? We spoke...Read more »

Laughing Fit: Mosquito Jokes for the Monsoon Season

By  Posted  Aug 8th 2014 | IN

Monsoon season brings with it mosquito problems and diseases. So let's laugh out at these annoying pests.Read more »

Do You Know Everything About Your Penis?

By  Posted  Aug 8th 2014 | IN

This male sex organ is one of the most tender organs that need a lot of attention. Read up on penis hygiene before and after sex, foods for erection and how to increase penis size.Read more »

Why Garlic is Important for Cancer Prevention

By  Posted  Aug 7th 2014 | IN

Cancer has no boundaries; it can affect the least suspecting person. But there are some parameters that increase your chance of developing this deadly disease like stress, lifestyle habits and eating patterns. One way to lower the risk of...Read more »


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Sex Talk

15 Things That Are Killing Your Sex Drive

Having a healthy sex life is a great way to stay fit, happy and connected with your...

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5 Essential Tips for Radiant and Glowing Skin

Everyone is in search of a secret product for glowing skin. But what they fail to...

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