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sobiya moghul

Sobiya N. Moghul

After proving her mettle in television and print media as a crime, civic and health journalist for six years, Sobiya chose to move a step further and started writing for a health magazine where she learned more about her passion - health and fitness, before joining the HealthMeUp.com team. She believes that you don't always need a Paulo Coelho blog to know your dreams or a sultry Kim Kardashian to push you to get back in shape. The person sitting next to you can be your inspiration.

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How to Make Healthy Green Pea Khichdi

By  Posted  May 26th 2015 | IN

We love khichdi. It's quick, easy and healthy. Try this healthy version with added fibre, iron and protein in the form of whole grains, which make it a complete healthy meal.Read more »

Really Effective DIY Beauty Recipes for Shiny & Smooth Hair

By  Posted  May 26th 2015 | IN

Dull hair, dry hair, thinning hair, and rough hair are all hair problems that everyone faces occasionally. Now, you can go to a trichologist or to your nearest chemist to buy chemically-rich hair products that might offer temporary relief,...Read more »

Strategies To Overcome Social Anxiety NOW!

By  Posted  May 25th 2015 | IN

Social anxiety is not just shyness but a burden one feels as soon as you tell them to mingle with people.Read more »

What to Do When Your Girl Says ‘I Am PMSing’

By  Posted  May 24th 2015 | IN

PMS is nothing but premenstrual syndrome, which women suffer from just before their periods start. It is the period before a period.Read more »

Low Calorie Snack: Healthy Adai Dosa Recipe

By  Posted  May 23rd 2015 | IN

Easy to make and a great snack! This south Indian preparation is traditionally made with more rice, however this recipes uses just 2 tablespoons of rice and lots of dal so that you can enjoy it often without worrying about your blood sugar...Read more »

10 Awesome Ways to Spice up Boring Chicken

By  Posted  May 23rd 2015 | IN

Chicken is one hell of a ubiquitous food; you can cook it in a zillion ways. Here we give you some healthy ideas to add that extra zing to your protein pack. Be as creative as you like!Read more »

You Will Never Throw Away Rice Water After Reading This..

By  Posted  May 22nd 2015 | IN

Rice water is rich in nutrients that benefit the skin and hair, making it Asia's best beauty secret. You can use it as a toner, face wash, hair mask or acne treatment.Read more »

Must Try: Functional Training for Everyday Fitness

By  Posted  May 22nd 2015 | IN

Functional training is movement training. In functional training, you move to increase your performance, whereas in weight training you move to cause hypertrophy, or to increase the size of your muscle tissue. Weight training works on the...Read more »

Healthy Mango Drink: Aam Panna

By  Posted  May 21st 2015 | IN

Aam panna is a sweet and sour drink that is excellent for treating heat stroke and heat exhaustion in summer. It also reduces one's risk of gastro-intestinal problems and is a great way to replenish vitamins and minerals in the body.Read more »

Foods You Must Avoid with Gout When You Are on a Uric Acid Diet

By  Posted  May 21st 2015 | IN

Gout is different in men and women. Women develop gout as their kidneys no longer excrete uric acid, while men usually get it if they eat too much red meat. Here is a list of foods you should avoid if you are suffering from gout or high...Read more »


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