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sobiya moghul

Sobiya N. Moghul

After proving her mettle in television and print media as a crime, civic and health journalist for four years, Sobiya chose to move a step further and started writing for a health magazine where she learned more about her passion - health and fitness, before joining the HealthMeUp.com team. She believes that you don't always need a Paulo Cohelo blog to know your dreams or a sultry Kim Kardashian to push you to get back in shape. The person sitting next to you can be your inspiration.

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Mental Health: 20 Ways To Be Mentally Fit and Happy

By  Posted  Nov 16th 2014 | IN

Most of us believe that money cant buy us everything. We need to invest in a relationship to keep ourselves mentally fit. But what if you have everything in the world, a good family, a decent job, a loving partner, but your are still...Read more »

Get Me a New Wife!

By  Posted  Nov 2nd 2014 | IN

Cosmetic surgery has become so mainstream that not only are we willing to undergo it, we now talk about it as if it is like trying a new dish at a local restaurant. But would cosmetic surgery make a perfect gift for your partner? A lot of...Read more »

20 Great Home Workouts For Men and Women

By  Posted  Oct 26th 2014 | IN

Do you need a home exercise routine for all those tricky trouble zones that take a little extra work to tone up? Supriyaa Nair, Wellness Consultant gives us a routine that will help you feel confident in those body hugging clothes....Read more »

How to Buy Anti-Ageing Creams

By  Posted  Oct 19th 2014 | IN

While wrinkles may add character to a man's face, the same represent a sad slippery slope toward senility in women. To erase these lines of misery, women go overboard in clinging to every new anti-aging cream in the market that...Read more »

Step up to Fitness

By  Posted  Oct 6th 2014 | IN

What if we tell you about calorie burning equipment which comes free of cost and is available everywhere! Yes, your stairway can actually help 135 pound person to burn 8 calories per minute. Isnt that amazing!Read more »

How Fitness Affects Mental Health

By  Posted  Oct 4th 2014 | IN

Mental health is just as important as physical fitness. The World Health Organization estimates that, globally, 154 million people suffer from depression and mental health illnesses. Exercise has long been described as a natural high. ...Read more »

What Is Skin Cancer?

By  Posted  Sep 7th 2014 | IN

Skin cancer is skin growth with varying degrees of malignancy. Skin cancer generally develops in the outermost layer of skin (epidermis). Although it can be disfiguring, skin cancers are treatable and hardly cause deaths. The three most...Read more »

Important Facts About Throat Cancer Treatment

By  Posted  Sep 6th 2014 | IN

Throat cancer is the cancer of the throat; it is a type of head and neck cancer. The throat (pharynx) is a 5-inch-long tube that runs from your nose to your neck. The throat and the voice box are the two main places throat cancer...Read more »

Muscle Building: Best Post-Workout Foods

By  Posted  Sep 5th 2014 | IN

Your post workout food should have two important components: high glycemic index carbohydrates and protein. High glycemic gives you instant energy, which the body requires after a workout and protein helps in muscle recovery. Apart from...Read more »

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: What is Chlamydia?

By  Posted  Aug 24th 2014 | IN

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is caused by the bacterium; chlamydia trachomatis. According to Information available from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) it is a condition found in 23% of women who are...Read more »



Exclusive: Inside Scoop on Hollywood Celebs' Fitness Secrets

Hollywood celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza lets us in on some of her A-List client's...

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Skin Care

Beauty Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Available only in winter, Indian gooseberries, or amla as they are known in Hindi, have...

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If You Moust-Ache, We’ll Tell You How To Groom It

You probably started growing a moustache this month with the vague intention of...

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