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Renita Tisha Pinto

Renita Tisha Pinto

Football on ground, good food on the table and dancing indoors; that is what Renita practises to follow an active and healthy life. A fresh-out-of-college writer, Renita is the latest addition to the HealthMeUp family. Renita believes that if you want to stay fit, you need to sweat it out and the best way to do that is to play your favorite sport. Don't have a favourite sport? She thinks it's never too late to find one.

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Detox your Organs for a Whole Body Cleanse

By  Posted  Dec 16th 2014 | IN

Detox or detoxification, is a process of neutralising or eliminating toxins from the body. The pollutants we encounter everyday complicates the bodies detoxifying efforts. So once in a while a good detox will help you get better health,...Read more »

Top 20 Tips for a Healthy Winter

By  Posted  Dec 14th 2014 | IN

Winter is coming. And it's coming fast.Read more »

Top 8 Weight Management Tips for Travellers

By  Posted  Dec 7th 2014 | IN

Weight management and weight loss programme takes a back seat if you are heading for a vacation, a road trip or an office-trip. We often abandon healthy eating habits and return home with extra kilos. Travelling or a vacation, food can...Read more »

Sex: 20 Ways to Have Great Sex this Weekend

By  Posted  Nov 30th 2014 | IN

All of us wish to have a good sex life with our partner, forever. But the truth is that maintaining a good sex life is not easy and it takes time, effort and patience. Wondering, why it is difficult? Its because our busy lives and taxing...Read more »

Top 10 Causes of High Blood Pressure

By  Posted  Nov 23rd 2014 | IN

Heart ailments like heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases claim approximately 80% lives in low and middle income countries, according to a global brief on hypertension published by WHO on World Health Day, April 7th, 2013. So...Read more »

Top 20 Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

By  Posted  Nov 9th 2014 | IN

Omega-3 fatty acid is like an essential magic wand which helps to treat and prevent several ailments and diseases. The fat present in omega-3 fatty acid is essential for your health and proper functioning of various body organs. The two...Read more »

Favorite Workout Buddy: 10 Ways to Workout with Your Pet

By  Posted  Oct 19th 2014 | IN

Some say they love working out with their partners whereas some say its music which keeps them motivated to sweat some kilos. Today, we look into some very rare workout buddy. It is your pets! Sounds funny but pets can be your best buddy...Read more »

World Sight Day: Care for Your Vision

By  Posted  Oct 9th 2014 | IN

Eyes- the most important part of our lives, because without eyes our life can become colorless and dull. Today, more and more people are suffering with vision impairment or low vision. The main reason for vision impairment and blindness...Read more »

Why You Should Workout with Your Pet

By  Posted  Sep 28th 2014 | IN

Ask any pet owner and they will admit that pets make a wonderful companion. But besides keeping you company pets can be useful in one more area; to keep you fit! Not only your pet can ensure that you get off the couch and get moving but...Read more »

Migraine Cure: Home Remedies to Treat Migraine

By  Posted  Sep 6th 2014 | IN

A recurring throbbing headache can make your life miserable. The reason for your horrible head pain can be migraine. Migraine is a neurological disorder, which at times accompanied by nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and...Read more »



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