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Renita Tisha Pinto

Renita Tisha Pinto

Football on ground, good food on the table and dancing indoors; that is what Renita practises to follow an active and healthy life. A fresh-out-of-college writer, Renita is the latest addition to the HealthMeUp family. Renita believes that if you want to stay fit, you need to sweat it out and the best way to do that is to play your favorite sport. Don't have a favourite sport? She thinks it's never too late to find one.

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Healthy Drink: Green Detox Juice

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Mar 28th 2014 at 1:30PM | Rated   IN

Planning to detox this summer? There is no need to starve or pop laxatives, instead try this bright green powerful detox shake, that will aid in rinsing all the toxins from your body.Read more »

Sex: 20 Ways to Have Great Sex this Weekend

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Mar 9th 2014 at 6:00AM | Rated   IN

All of us wish to have a good sex life with our partner, forever. But the truth is that maintaining a good sex life is not easy and it takes time, effort and patience. Wondering, why it is difficult? Its because our busy lives and taxing...Read more »

Weight Loss: Top 20 Herbs for Weight Loss

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Mar 2nd 2014 at 7:00AM | Rated   IN

The Indian market is loaded with dozens of herbs and spices - from the very common black pepper to the exotic turmeric. Along with amazing health benefits they have to offer, herbs and spices also add flavour and aroma to our Indian...Read more »

Penis Size: Top 5 Sex Positions for a Small Penis

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Feb 26th 2014 at 5:30AM | Rated   IN

Most men mistakenly believe that size matters. This perception may cause men with a smaller penis a significant amount of anxiety and it can prevent both partners from reaping the sexual satisfaction they might otherwise experience. So if...Read more »

Sex: Top 20 Facts about Orgasm

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Feb 23rd 2014 at 7:00AM | Rated   IN

Have you ever wondered about which positions are most likely to make you climax? Or if it is always possible to have an orgasm every time you have sex? Today, we decided to answer all your orgasm-related questions. So, the next time you...Read more »

Quick Meal: Protein Rich Dosa Recipe

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Feb 9th 2014 at 7:30AM | Rated   IN

Are you a dosa lover who worries about your protein dosage in the morning? Then try this protein rich dosa, shared by Padmaja Vasireddy Food and Nutrition Expert, California, USA. This protein rich dose will keep your taste buds and body...Read more »

Ten Commandments for A Healthy Vagina

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Feb 9th 2014 at 6:00AM | Rated   IN

A healthy vagina is equivalent to a healthy woman. So, it is very important that all women should be concerned about their vaginal health. If you want to protect yourself from common yeast infections and vaginal odour, then follow these...Read more »

Top 25 Foods to Gain Weight

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Feb 2nd 2014 at 6:30AM | Rated   IN

While most people seem to be interested only in how to lose weight and drop extra kilos, there are others who want to put on a little bit of weight and gain some kilos. Unfortunately, most such people fall prey to unnecessary supplements...Read more »

Healthy Recipe: Vegetable Brown Rice with Red Cabbage Raita

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Feb 1st 2014 at 1:30PM | Rated   IN

This dish is perfect for all those people who dont want to fidget with their waistline and also not give up their love for rice. This dish is loaded with all the healthy ingredients like carrots, spinach and brown rice. If you have a party...Read more »

20 Best Foods for Your 40s

By Renita Tisha Pinto  Posted  Feb 1st 2014 at 6:30AM | Rated   IN

Normal wrinkles, blemishes and baldness asidem, as you age - your body becomes weaker with each advancing decade. The 40s, for most, are a great leveller as it is during this decade that poor health begins to make its presence felt....Read more »


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17 Best Skincare Tips & Treatments for Men

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