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Mansi Kohli

An essayist and journalist by profession, Mansi is a Mass Communications major with a focus on health and fitness writing. With 2 years of journalism experience under her belt, Mansi loves obsessing over topics like body image, nutrition, mental health, and stress reduction, along with art, multiculturalism, fashion and gossip writing. Overall, she is a twenty something whose fitness philosophy boils down to: Do the healthy thing more often than you don't do the healthy thing. Persistence matters, not perfection.
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10 Minutes Diabetes Care

By  Posted  Jul 19th 2014 | IN

Recently, the WHO revealed that 20 percent of the world's diabetics are Indians. With escalating obesity numbers and more lifestyle diseases reported every year, it's time we woke up to the reality of India's health issues....Read more »

Monsoon Recipes: Fun with Coffee

By  Posted  Jul 15th 2014 | IN

With the monsoons making their presence felt across India, almost every one is craving hot, steaming coffees and spicy, crispy snacks. Here are two declicious, aromatic, steaming hot coffee and chocolate recipes that are perfect for the...Read more »

Healthy Take-Away Treats: Top 20 Under 100 Calorie Snacks

By  Posted  Jun 15th 2014 | IN

If your fridge or vending machine is calling your name out quite often, then opt for these great-tasting, high energy, low-calorie and healthy 20, under 100 calories, snack options. Here's our list of smart snack options... *Images...Read more »

Expert Advice: Decoding Sexual Dreams

By  Posted  Apr 6th 2014 | IN

Dreams fascinate us and scare us. To add to the tension, our emotions reach a peak when dreams are rich in sexual content. Most of us are familiar with this tension, since we've all had dreams with sexual themes. People often wonder...Read more »

Lunch Box Special: Vegan Recipes

By  Posted  Apr 6th 2014 | IN

People who strictly follow a vegan diet, i.e. they stay away from any kind of animal and dairy products, are often asked one question - What exactly do you eat? Though it might come as a surprise to many of us, a vegan diet is full of...Read more »

Top 10 Healing Foods For a Sore Throat

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2014 | IN

Coping with a sore throat is not an easy task. A store throat can be caused by a bacterial infection, which stems from flu-like symptoms - fever chills and aches. And when you are down with a sore throat, eating is the last thing that...Read more »

Summer Sexy Skin: Top 5 Natural Exfoliants in Your Kitchen

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2014 | IN

Did you know that in order to achieve healthy, luscious skin you need to get rid of old dead cells, which reside in the deep layers of your skin? Exfoliation, when done the right way, can make ageing skin look younger and preserve youthful...Read more »

Which Body Type Are You?

By  Posted  Mar 23rd 2014 | IN

Apple, pear, round, hour-glass or slim? Body type is a scientifically calculated classification of your body as per shape and other measurements. Categorized by a number of physical traits, whether slim, athletic or voluptuous, its a good...Read more »

Top 10 Foods to Limit in Your Diet

By  Posted  Mar 23rd 2014 | IN

Unhealthy foods in large portions may up your risk for heart diseases, blood pressure fluctuations and cholesterol problems. The key lies in not cutting out these foods entirely, but in devising a plan, which involves limitations and...Read more »

Healthy Breakfast: Healthy Upma Recipe with Oats

By  Posted  Mar 14th 2014 | IN

Delicious, time-saving and healthy too, Upma is a much loved breakfast across India. An excellent dish for post-menopausal health, weight loss and packed with vitamins, fibre and minerals, upma is a full meal in itself. You can make it...Read more »


Health Star Of The Week

Health Star of the Week: Mom Hits the Gym to Burn Baby Fat

The feeling of being a mother had left Rupa ecstatic, but the repercussions of fat rich...

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Sex Talk

Sex: Top 20 Facts about Orgasm

Have you ever wondered about which positions are most likely to make you climax? Or if it...

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Hair Care Tips

Hair Care: 20 Ways to Stronger Hair

Hair fall or hair loss does not spare age or gender. To be honest hair fall is a natural...

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