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Mansi Kohli

An essayist and journalist by profession, Mansi is a Mass Communications major with a focus on health and fitness writing. With 2 years of journalism experience under her belt, Mansi loves obsessing over topics like body image, nutrition, mental health, and stress reduction, along with art, multiculturalism, fashion and gossip writing. Overall, she is a twenty something whose fitness philosophy boils down to: Do the healthy thing more often than you don't do the healthy thing. Persistence matters, not perfection.
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Yoga for Fitness: Is Yoga Better Than Strength Training?

By  Posted  Jan 25th 2015 | IN

Is yoga better than strength training? Do we know which of the two fitness disciplines is more effective for modern day fitness needs such as preventing lifestyle diseases and effective weight management? Experts say it is unfair to...Read more »

What Should a Marathon Runner Eat?

By  Posted  Jan 18th 2015 | IN

In a bid to show support for marathon running as a great way to arrive at optimal health and fitness, we bring you Shachi Sohal, H.O.D. Dietetics Deptt at Dr. B.L. Kapur Hospital, who helps us understand what kind of dietary support a...Read more »

Top 5 Clues to Living a Long and Healthy Life

By  Posted  Jan 11th 2015 | IN

It is often believed that what you eat and how you live, adds years to your life. While it's true that medical advancements have increased the natural age many live to, but what about the seemingly inconsequential everyday habits,...Read more »

How to Avoid Winter Allergies

By  Posted  Dec 28th 2014 | IN

Winter's round the corner and everyone seems to be falling sick these days. While it's easy to shrug it off, have you considered the possibility of winter allergies? You might be allergic to pollen, mites or molds which linger in...Read more »

Best Ways to Fight Fatigue

By  Posted  Nov 23rd 2014 | IN

Although perceived as ordinary tiredness, fatigue is a different ball game altogether. Fatigue goes beyond the daily physical strife and lodges itself as a continued feeling that interferes with all aspects of daily living and can be most...Read more »

Top 10 Fitness Metrics Explained

By  Posted  Nov 9th 2014 | IN

Metrics are needed everywhere. Whether following through with a work report, calculating targets or just plain salary budgeting, metrics are important. They tell us where we are, where we're headed, what we can hope for, what we need...Read more »

How Nutrition is Linked to Height Increase in Children

By  Posted  Nov 2nd 2014 | IN

Ask any expert and he will tell you that a childs height can only be determined by his genetics and daily nutritional intake. Soon after the child passes the first year of his or her life, the height is broken down into mini growth spurts....Read more »

The Unhappy Truth about Antidepressants

By  Posted  Oct 26th 2014 | IN

Many people seek antidepressants and there is no dearth of practitioners who readily prescribe them. Antidepressants are fast turning out to be happiness pills, used by adolescents and adults alike. There are instances where people even...Read more »

World Mental Health Day 2014: Top Tips

By  Posted  Oct 13th 2014 | IN

As we celebrate another World Mental Health Day, there are global talks and discussions on causes and treatments for various mental, psychological, behavioural and neurological disorders. Policies are being thought over to help end the...Read more »

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Everyday Nutrition

By  Posted  Oct 12th 2014 | IN

Healthy breakfast ideas help you save time and effort and get straight to the point of optimal everyday nutrition. Healthy breakfasts fire up your metabolism for the day besides keeping your hormone and blood sugar levels stable. Apart...Read more »



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Skin Care

Home Remedies for Soft Hands

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Food Facts

All You Need To Know About Stevia

Stevia is a popular sweetener and sugar substitute that is favoured widely as it...

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