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9 Surprising Uses for Cucumbers

By  Posted  Oct 21st 2014 | IN

Apart from having plenty of health benefits, cucumbers have a few other uses that will surprise you. Right from curing bad breath and treating hangovers to defogging mirrors and cleaning steel, here are some unusual uses for cucumbers that...Read more »

Fasting - How Appropriate Is It?

By  Posted  Oct 21st 2014 | IN

So, everyone set to achieve their resolution to shed those extra inches? And how many of you still opt for a quick fix? On my trip to the south, while I was relishing every bit of the scenic beauty and the yummy naturally available food in...Read more »

7 Tips to Clear Your Mind after a Long Day at Work

By  Posted  Oct 20th 2014 | IN

While a few of us have the ability to live and enjoy quite a busy life, there are some of us who are mentally exhausted when we come back home from work. The stress at work, the tiring commute and the heat outside can really drain you out...Read more »

6 Reasons to Eat Pine Nuts

By  Posted  Oct 20th 2014 | IN

The name pine nuts is actually misleading, because these nuts are actually edible seeds that grow on the cones of pine trees. Packed with nutrition and flavour, pine nuts make a great addition to your soups, salads or pastas. You can even...Read more »

Dealing With Dry Skin Woes

By  Posted  Oct 20th 2014 | IN

Winter is just around the corner. The ambient humidity levels have dipped considerably. We have already started seeing people complaining of excessively dry skin in the clinic. This problem is only going to get worse in the coming months.Read more »

How to Buy Anti-Ageing Creams

By  Posted  Oct 19th 2014 | IN

While wrinkles may add character to a man's face, the same represent a sad slippery slope toward senility in women. To erase these lines of misery, women go overboard in clinging to every new anti-aging cream in the market that...Read more »

Workouts for a Better Sex Life

By  Posted  Oct 19th 2014 | IN

Workouts are useful for more than just getting fitter and looking better. Some workouts can actually improve your sex life by not just improving your physical confidence, but by strengthening the muscles most used during love-making. With...Read more »

Favorite Workout Buddy: 10 Ways to Workout with Your Pet

By  Posted  Oct 19th 2014 | IN

Some say they love working out with their partners whereas some say its music which keeps them motivated to sweat some kilos. Today, we look into some very rare workout buddy. It is your pets! Sounds funny but pets can be your best buddy...Read more »

15 Herbs and Spices for Cancer Prevention

By  Posted  Oct 19th 2014 | IN

Herbs and spices have been traditionally used for their flavour-enhancing and medicinal properties. The increasing prevalence of cancer in the world has prompted increased interest among researchers and the public in the potential of foods...Read more »

Bad Morning Habits That Ruin Your Day

By  Posted  Oct 18th 2014 | IN

Morning can be the most important part of your day, because the way it goes can impact the rest of your day. If you wake up in a healthy manner then you are likely to be in a good mood throughout the day, whereas if you wake up in a bad...Read more »


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15 Herbs and Spices for Cancer Prevention

Herbs and spices have been traditionally used for their flavour-enhancing and medicinal...

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15 Super Useful Body Hacks

The human body is simply amazing, with several functions and abilities that we don’t even...

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