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All You Need To Know About HPV

By  Posted  Jan 29th 2015 | IN

HPV stands for human papilloma virus. There are over 100 strains of HPV. It is a very common virus and causes a range of conditions, right from warts on your hands and feet to cervical and throat cancer. HPV is the most common cause of...Read more »

How Exercising Benefits You at Work

By  Posted  Jan 29th 2015 | IN

If you thought that the benefits of exercise are limited to just physical and health related aspects, think again! Exercise can help you out with your work as well, but unfortunately most people are so busy working that they dont make the...Read more »

Early Signs of Pregnancy

By  Posted  Jan 29th 2015 | IN

While a pregnancy test is the best way to confirm whether or not you are pregnant, there are some other indications that you can look out for. Here are some of the early signs of pregnancy.Read more »

7 Healthy Foods That Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Plan

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

Check out our list of healthybut trickyfoods that could be holding you back from losing weight.Read more »

10 Scary and Interesting Health Facts

By  Posted  Jan 27th 2015 | IN

Here are some health facts that are either surprising or downright scary. Read them to help you make healthy choices for good health and disease prevention.Read more »

Hives: The Severely Itchy Red Rash

By  Posted  Jan 27th 2015 | IN

Urticaria, or hives as they are commonly known, appear in the form of red spots on any part of the body or face. They are usually red, slightly elevated and roundish in shape. In some cases, they can be red raised lines in areas where the...Read more »

Side Effects of Chewing Gum

By  Posted  Jan 26th 2015 | IN

Chewing gum was thought to be beneficial for health, since it is low in calories, suppresses appetite and can help reduce stress levels. However, recent studies have shown that chewing gum has several side effects that may make want to you...Read more »

Surprising Medical Conditions That Actually Exist

By  Posted  Jan 26th 2015 | IN

The world of medicine is indefinite and surprising. Call it important information or a nightmare - the following is a list of medical conditions that will leave you with only one choice - staying healthy!Read more »

Yoga for Fitness: Is Yoga Better Than Strength Training?

By  Posted  Jan 25th 2015 | IN

Is yoga better than strength training? Do we know which of the two fitness disciplines is more effective for modern day fitness needs such as preventing lifestyle diseases and effective weight management? Experts say it is unfair to...Read more »

Top 10 Effective Fitness Habits for the Office

By  Posted  Jan 25th 2015 | IN

You might have read about how to stay fit at work a dozen times, but how often do you practice what others preach? How many healthy work lunches, office workouts and desk yoga asanas have you attempted lately? If youre still grappling with...Read more »



How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every New Year, we tend to make New Year’s resolutions that we swear we are going to...

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Skin Care

Home Remedies for Soft Hands

Your hands can become rough from your daily chores, making them look a lot older than the...

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Food Facts

All You Need To Know About Stevia

Stevia is a popular sweetener and sugar substitute that is favoured widely as it...

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