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Roundup: Why Diabetes Drug Makes People Fat

By  Posted  Mar 28th 2015 | IN

There are several studies on various health-related topics that get published daily, but there are some that have caught our attention for either their wackiness or their genuine opinion on health and fitness. Either way, they are worth a...Read more »

7 Common Hair Ironing Mistakes

By  Posted  Mar 28th 2015 | IN

Some people style their hair only for big events, while others do it on a regular basis. Whichever the case, here are some common hair ironing mistakes you should avoid.Read more »

Surprising Ways Smoking Affects Your Skin

By  Posted  Mar 28th 2015 | IN

If you look closely at the faces of excessive smokers, you are bound to observe certain common signs. Darkening of the lips and teeth, hardening of the skin, excessive dryness, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, a characteristic greyish...Read more »

14 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

By  Posted  Mar 28th 2015 | IN

Mosquitoes bites can be annoying, and not to mention harmful to your health, since the pesky creatures spread diseases like dengue and malaria. Instead of managing mosquitoes the chemical way, heres one way to manage to them naturally....Read more »

20 Funny Fitness & Food Memes

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

The daily grind can get exhausting, but don't give up yet. Have a laugh at these funny food and fitness memes before you get back to your routine.Read more »

8 Things You Should Know About Stress

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Stress is your bodys natural response to any change in the environment that needs action or adjustment. Stress affects both your body and mind, and it impacts overall health and well-being. Managing stress poorly can result in mental and...Read more »

How to Repair Skin Damage Caused By Sun Exposure, Smoking & Acne

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Chain smoking, unhealthy eating habits, acne, hormonal imbalances, and excessive sun exposure damages the skin and causes premature ageing. In case you're looking for a quick fix to replenish your skin, there are cosmetic treatments...Read more »

Are You Sitting Your Life Away?

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Many peoples jobs require them to sit in the same spot for several hours at a time, sometimes even for the whole day. Most people dont realise how something as innocuous as sitting can harm their health, but research has shown that sitting...Read more »

Myths about Alzheimer’s Disease Debunked

By  Posted  Mar 26th 2015 | IN

Alzheimer's disease can be a terrifying mystery both for people suffering from the condition and for their loved ones. Possibly because Alzheimers disease is a mysterious illness with no known causes and cures, there are various myths...Read more »

8 Tips to Fight Workout Fatigue

By  Posted  Mar 26th 2015 | IN

Do you feel exhausted every time you head to the gym? Workout fatigue is a real problem that can make you want to skip your workouts. Here are some helpful tips to boost your energy levels and get your workouts back on track.Read more »



These Ill Effects of Smoking Will Make You Kick the Butt TODAY!

Smoking is bad for your health, yes, but do you know exactly how it affects your body? Most...

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7 Things You Should Know About Your Immune System

The immune system’s job is to identify foreign microbes, viruses, and parasites creeping...

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10 Tips to Make Your Homemade Pizza Healthier

Pizza isn't necessarily junk food; it all depends on how it's made. Pizza can be...

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