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Gym Facts: How to Choose the Right Personal Trainer?

By  Posted  Sep 16th 2014 | IN

Having a personal trainer is highly recommended if youre on a serious fitness mission. Everybody believes that weight loss goals can be achieved much more successfully with a personal trainer by your side. But how true is this? Is personal...Read more »

16 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

By  Posted  Sep 16th 2014 | IN

Laziness isnt always a bad thing it can even be helpful in some cases. If people apply their minds to find shortcuts, it can make life easier. A lot of us are used to doing things the long way around, especially when it comes to food, but...Read more »

Foods to Improve Prostate Health

By  Posted  Sep 15th 2014 | IN

As men get older, they start to experience problems with their prostate, a small gland near the bladder. Whether it is an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, your prostate can give you plenty of trouble, so start taking care of it by...Read more »

Understanding Back Pain and Spinal Problems in Youngsters

By  Posted  Sep 15th 2014 | IN

Today there are 8 in 10 people who are affected by spinal problems such as backaches, slip discs etc. The majority of people coming in with spinal problems are in the 20-30s age brackets, but some of these patients are also as young as...Read more »

Extreme Food: Unusual Foods from Across the World

By  Posted  Sep 14th 2014 | IN

Life is not only about rice and curry. Different countries and regions have unusual delicacies that may cause your stomach to churn, but are considered delicacies by the locals. Think you have what it takes to stomach these local delights?Read more »

Herbal Remedies: 15 Indian Herbs to Cleanse the Blood

By  Posted  Sep 14th 2014 | IN

Lack of physical activity, poor consumption of healthy food, and over consumption of animal based products can lead to a build-up of toxins in the blood and body. Cleansing the blood, is a good way to improve immunity, prevent heart...Read more »

Roundup: High Intake of Pain Killers Damages Kidneys

By  Posted  Sep 13th 2014 | IN

There are several studies on various health-related topics that get published daily, but there are some that have caught our attention for either their wackiness or their genuine opinion on health and fitness. Either way, they are worth a...Read more »

Top Fungal Infections of the Skin

By  Posted  Sep 13th 2014 | IN

The hot humid weather in India serves as a rich fertile medium for fungi to thrive and multiply. Fungal infections of the skin, hair and nails are extremely common in India, especially during the monsoons and along the coastal regions due...Read more »

Health, Beauty and Other Uses of Garlic

By  Posted  Sep 13th 2014 | IN

Garlic, a regular staple in Indian households, is the ultimate superfood. Apart from giving food that delicious flavour, garlic can be eaten, applied or otherwise used for several health and beauty purposes. Used for centuries in...Read more »

10 Funny Fitness Memes

By  Posted  Sep 12th 2014 | IN

Weight loss routines or any fitness regimes can get boring, but don't give up yet. Get motivated and laugh yourself to the gym with these insanely funny memes.Read more »


Food Facts

Health, Beauty and Other Uses of Garlic

Garlic, a regular staple in Indian households, is the ultimate superfood. Apart from giving...

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