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Dare To Bare: Remedies and Treatments for Smooth and Soft Shoulders

By  Posted  Apr 19th 2015 | IN

Its a great look to carry bare shoulders during a party. However, many young people have bumps on their shoulders which look irregular, reddish and can spoil the look. One can suffer from acne in this part of the body but keratosis pilaris...Read more »

Simple Ways to Prevent Accidental Deaths

By  Posted  Apr 19th 2015 | IN

Life in a big city moves at a rapid pace, and the growing population density along with the traffic on the streets, has resulted in a steady rise in the number of accidents.Read more »

Amazing Health & Beauty Benefits of Mangoes

By  Posted  Apr 19th 2015 | IN

What better way to celebrate summer, than indulging in some juicy mangoes? The king of fruits is synonymous with summer in India. Some relish the sweet, ripe mangoes, while others enjoy the sour, raw mangoes. Both play an important role in...Read more »

15 Funny Memes

By  Posted  Apr 18th 2015 | IN

Weight loss routines or any fitness regimes can get boring, but don't give up yet. Get motivated and laugh yourself to the gym with these insanely funny memes.Read more »

Roundup: Toxic Botox Escapes into the Nervous System

By  Posted  Apr 18th 2015 | IN

There are several studies on various health-related topics that get published daily, but there are some that have caught our attention for either their wackiness or their genuine opinion on health and fitness. Either way, they are worth a...Read more »

Amazing Uses of Wine For Skin, Common Cold & More

By  Posted  Apr 18th 2015 | IN

Wine is considered to be healthy when consumed in moderation. It lowers cholesterol, boosts brain power, keeps the heart healthy, fights infections, kills ovarian cancer cells, lowers body mass and stimulates appetite. But did you know...Read more »

8 Foods for Weight Gain in Babies and Toddlers

By  Posted  Apr 18th 2015 | IN

One of the main concerns of mothers is the low weight of their baby or toddler. The truth is that if a baby is healthy and develops properly, then there is nothing to be worried about. But if youre concerned that your child is underweight,...Read more »

14 Interesting Facts about Your Spine

By  Posted  Apr 18th 2015 | IN

Your spine or backbone is involved in strength, support, flexibility and the other movements your body performs. The spine is a complex structure, with several interconnected and inter-reliant components. Here are 14 fascinating facts...Read more »

Heat Rash: How to Get Rid of Prickly Heat

By  Posted  Apr 17th 2015 | IN

Summers can be an unpleasant time for people who suffer from heat rash, also commonly known as prickly heat or sweat rash. The main causes of prickly heat include hot and humid weather, bacterial infections and under-developed sweat...Read more »

World Haemophilia Day 2015: Facts about Haemophilia

By  Posted  Apr 17th 2015 | IN

Haemophilia is an inherited bleeding disorder that prevents blood from clotting properly. The main symptom of this rare disease is uncontrolled, often unprompted bleeding in different areas of the body. The degree of bleeding depends on...Read more »


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