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The Natural Goodness of Oats

By  Posted  Oct 25th 2014 | IN

A hot steaming bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is becoming increasingly popular. But oats can also be very effective in skin and hair care when used as baths, face packs or as hair packs.Read more »

Roundup: Olive Oil Healthier for Fried Foods

By  Posted  Oct 25th 2014 | IN

There are several studies on various health-related topics that get published daily, but there are some that have caught our attention for either their wackiness or their genuine opinion on health and fitness. Either way, they are worth a...Read more »

Beauty Benefits of Sunflower Oil

By  Posted  Oct 25th 2014 | IN

While sunflower oil is a healthy oil to cook with, it can be used in your skin and hair care routine as well. Full of healthy nutrients and antioxidants, this oil is a common ingredient in several medical and cosmetic products. Here are...Read more »

The Hidden Benefits of Reading

By  Posted  Oct 25th 2014 | IN

People who read often do it either for work purposes or as a hobby, but actually reading is an activity that has several health benefits. If you dont read regularly, you should consider taking it up as a hobby. Start slowly by reading a...Read more »

16 Funny Fitness Memes

By  Posted  Oct 24th 2014 | IN

Weight loss routines or any fitness regimes can get boring, but don't give up yet. Get motivated and laugh yourself to the gym with these insanely funny memes.Read more »

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain. Find Out How!

By  Posted  Oct 24th 2014 | IN

Our fondest memories of Diwali are split into two parts, firecrackers and sweetmeats. Whether youre visiting people or just scouting for food in your own house, this whole week youll find heaps and heaps of fried snacks, sweets, dried...Read more »

Distress or De-stress: It’s Your Choice

By  Posted  Oct 24th 2014 | IN

Yoga is an ancient art that helps to overcome all kinds of suffering concerning the mind and body. Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to attain peace of mind and body, which in turn helps relax and manage stress in our...Read more »

7 Skincare Blunders We All Make

By  Posted  Oct 23rd 2014 | IN

We all have some sort of skincare routine and are probably guilty of some skincare mistakes. Despite our best efforts, most of us make simple blunders that keep us from attaining clear, beautiful skin.Read more »

14 Natural Painkillers

By  Posted  Oct 23rd 2014 | IN

Whatever the injury or illness that is causing you pain, you may not want to keep popping painkillers continuously. Painkillers have several side effects, which include damage to your liver and kidneys. If you are looking for natural ways...Read more »

Tattoo Care: Skincare Tips to Protect Your Newly Tattooed Skin

By  Posted  Oct 22nd 2014 | IN

Getting a tattoo can feel similar to having a scraped knee. Thats how sensitive it is. When you venture out into the sun, the tattooed skin gets uncomfortable; it can even cause a reaction or rash. There is a study that says that getting a...Read more »


Diwali Special

Healthy Diwali, Happy Diwali!

In the lead up to Diwali and the festive season we all need to watch what we eat.

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Food Facts

14 Reasons to Munch on Celery

Celery's an underdog when it comes to healthy foods, because it is rarely given credit...

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15 Super Useful Body Hacks

The human body is simply amazing, with several functions and abilities that we don’t even...

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