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Exercises to Fight Constipation

By  Posted  Jun 3rd 2015 | IN

Constipation is an awkward problem that a lot of men and women suffer from on a daily basis. Processed foods, baked goods, red meat, caffeine, oily food and dairy products are the culprits to blame for indigestion problems.Read more »

The Ultimate Yoga Playlist to Get Into the Flow

By  Posted  Jun 1st 2015 | IN

Pick a yoga routine, and practise the postures while listening to this playlist. The motivating power of the music will help you get the most out of every posture.Read more »

See How Sushant Singh Rajput Challenges Himself for Extreme Fitness

By  Posted  May 27th 2015 | IN

Weight training is now pass; functional training is the new way to be flexible and agile. Gone are the days when bulking up was a fad. Today, people prefer toned and lean bodies that will help them deal with the daily grind of life,...Read more »

Run Like The Flash with These Yoga Poses

By  Posted  May 25th 2015 | IN

A couple of minutes spent reposing in these ancient yogic postures can help you go that extra mile when you hit the treadmill.Read more »

Must Try: Functional Training for Everyday Fitness

By  Posted  May 22nd 2015 | IN

Functional training is movement training. In functional training, you move to increase your performance, whereas in weight training you move to cause hypertrophy, or to increase the size of your muscle tissue. Weight training works on the...Read more »

Sudarshan Kriya: An Awesome Power Yoga Flow

By  Posted  May 13th 2015 | IN

Try adding this power yoga flow to your weight loss regime, to benefit both your mind and body. This Sudarshan Chakra yoga workout will help boost your metabolism, build your endurance, and strengthen your immune system.Read more »

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

By  Posted  Apr 10th 2015 | IN

Fat anywhere else on the body can be easily concealed by your clothes, but there is no escaping a double chin. A double chin usually occurs due to muscle sagging, which is caused by obesity, genetics and ageing. Here are some ways to get...Read more »

King of Hip Opening Exercise: Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana (Pigeon Pose)

By  Posted  Apr 9th 2015 | IN

The Pigeon Pose facilitates deeper hip opening, which helps tackle lower back pain and sciatica. Rajesh Sharma, a personal trainer from Mumbai, tells us the right way to do the Pigeon Pose, and the health benefits it has to offer.Read more »

Yoga Poses: Health Benefits of Marjarasana (Cat Pose)

By  Posted  Apr 3rd 2015 | IN

The cat stretch gives more flexibility to the spine, improves blood circulation, relaxes the mind and is very good for those suffering from scoliosis. Rajesh Sharma, a personal trainer from Mumbai, explains the right way to do the cat...Read more »

Feel the Burn with the Fireman's Workout

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

Firemen have got it tough. Rescuing incapacitated civilians when theyre lugging around a 10 kg axe to break down doors with a 20 kg oxygen tank strapped to their backs can seem like a Herculean task. But they still do it, on a daily basis....Read more »


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