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5 Bad Habits You Didn’t Know Were Ageing You

By  Posted  Jul 24th 2014 | IN

You may notice that some people look too young for their age and some look much older than they really are. Ageing is an inevitable part of life but how quickly you age depends on your lifestyle and habits. There could be a number of...Read more »

Speed-up Metabolism with Mountain Climber Exercises

By  Posted  Jul 24th 2014 | IN

Mountain climber is a body weight exercise and also a compound exercise. In simple words, mountain climber does not need equipments and makes use of several muscle groups at a time. If you want to increase metabolism and reduce weight and...Read more »

How to Stay Safe from Leptospirosis in Monsoons

By  Posted  Jul 24th 2014 | IN

The monsoon has started with a bling after sizzling summers. People are enjoying the rains to the fullest by indulging in outings, eating street food and enjoying the greenery. With the repeated spells of rain, the season makes a suitable...Read more »

15 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Heart Health

By  Posted  Jul 24th 2014 | IN

A good diet including nutrient rich food plays a vital role in strengthening and protecting the heart. There are a number of superfoods that boost heart health. These superfoods can help reduce triglycerides that inhibit blood from...Read more »

Oral Hygiene: How to Keep Your Tongue Clean

By  Posted  Jul 24th 2014 | IN

We brush our teeth but forget about scraping our tongue. Poor tongue hygiene can lead to several infections, so says Dr. Puneet Ahuja, Senior Consultant in Dental Surgery at Delhi based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute. Here's how...Read more »

Recognising the Signs of Hepatitis C in Men

By  Posted  Jul 23rd 2014 | IN

According to the 'World Health Organisation', about 12 million Indians are infected with hepatitis C and most of them do not know it. Hepatitis C damages the liver and it can cause an epidemic if the authorities are not notified...Read more »

Quinoa and Oats Dhokla Recipe for Instant Energy

By  Posted  Jul 23rd 2014 | IN

Quinoa has twice the protein content of rice or barley; it is also a rich source of calcium, magnesium and manganese. Quinoa also possesses good levels of several B vitamins, vitamin E and dietary fibre. Quinoa and oats dhokla is so...Read more »

Women’s Health: Identifying Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

By  Posted  Jul 23rd 2014 | IN

It is extremely important to note that heart attack does not always exhibit the same symptoms in both sexes. Men often feel an excruciating pain in their chest when struck with a heart attack but women experience vague and silent symptoms...Read more »

World's Fittest Cosplayers: Lonstermash

By  Posted  Jul 23rd 2014 | IN

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Lonstermash is popularly known for his Wolverine cosplays, and his uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman. But it's just not his face, Lonstermash has a body that some might say, looks better than...Read more »

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Myths and Facts

By  Posted  Jul 23rd 2014 | IN

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem when a man has trouble maintaining an erection. This is more common among older men, but even the younger lot is not entirely safe from it, thanks to performance anxiety, relationship issues, stress,...Read more »


Health Star Of The Week

Health Star of the Week: Mom Hits the Gym to Burn Baby Fat

The feeling of being a mother had left Rupa ecstatic, but the repercussions of fat rich...

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Sex Talk

15 Sex Positions that Guarantee Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms, the holy grail of sex. Men capable of dishing them out are considered sex...

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Skincare Tips

Homemade Beauty Recipes and Tips For Monsoons

Monsoon is all about acne prone skin, zits and pimples due to dust, frizzy hair and dirty...

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