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Enduring Asthma: A Personal Story

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

Im writing this article hoping that it will help children and parents deal with this chronic condition that according to WHO estimates, 235 million people suffer from in the world. It is also the most common chronic disease among kids.Read more »

Moru Moru Dosa Recipe

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

Moru moru dosa, or crisp dosa, is a south Indian favourite, especially with children. Made of a rice, semolina and flour batter, it is easy to make and does not take a long time to ferment. The coconut, green chillies and spices give it a...Read more »

Healthmeup’s Top 10: Health Facts

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

It's the month of our 4th anniversary, so we bring to you some of our best articles yet. Here are 10 of our top articles that include did you know facts, amazing trivia, and other interesting information to help you learn more about...Read more »

Feel the Burn with the Fireman's Workout

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

Firemen have got it tough. Rescuing incapacitated civilians when theyre lugging around a 10 kg axe to break down doors with a 20 kg oxygen tank strapped to their backs can seem like a Herculean task. But they still do it, on a daily basis....Read more »

I Bet You Didn't Know What Candy Crush Saga Does to Your Brain

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

Commuting for work from far far away land makes me conspicuous to a lot of human behaviour, moods and preferences. I blatantly enjoy their conversations (monster mother-in-law updates), naughty jokes (Why didnt you sleep last night *laugh...Read more »

Can Money Buy You Happiness?

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

It can, if you know how to spend it. Research has found that regardless of your income, spending your money on certain things can make you happier. Read on to find out what they are.Read more »

7 Signs That Indicate an Underlying Hormonal Imbalance

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

Polycystic ovary disease/syndrome is extremely common among the youth. Many teenage girls suffer from this hormonal imbalance, and may experience symptoms as a result of the imbalance. Here, we look at some symptoms that necessitate an...Read more »

14 Tips to Recover from a Crazy Party Weekend

By  Posted  Mar 30th 2015 | IN

Its Monday morning and were here to make you feel better, because lets face itweve all been there. A hangover is inevitable after a weekend of binge drinking, and what you need is to get back to your daily routine in a healthy way. Here...Read more »

Pregnancy Recipe: Baked Spinach Rolls

By  Posted  Mar 29th 2015 | IN

Spinach is good for everyone! This recipe, with spicy vegetables rolled in spinach leaves, provides Vitamin A, which boosts the immune system, improves vision and nourishes the skin of the mom-to-be and her baby.Read more »

Overtraining Symptoms: Are You Over-Exercising?

By  Posted  Mar 29th 2015 | IN

A good exercise routine has three things it increases your energy levels, livens your mood and builds your resistance or immunity levels. With the emergence of a lot of gyms and fitness studios, and an overdose of confusing information...Read more »



Are You Sitting Your Life Away?

Many people’s jobs require them to sit in the same spot for several hours at a time,...

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Fit Tips

8 Tips to Fight Workout Fatigue

Do you feel exhausted every time you head to the gym? Workout fatigue is a real problem...

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Food Feature

Surprisingly Fibre-Rich Foods for Digestion

Refined foods get clogged in the colon, causing gas, indigestion, flatulence and...

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