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Healthy Recipe: Mediterranean Pasta

By  Posted  Nov 21st 2014 | IN

This recipe is inspired by traditional Mediterranean cooking. Made healthy with whole wheat pasta and mushrooms, it can be a vegetarian or non-vegetarian recipe, since the chicken is optional.Read more »

15 Funny Fitness Memes

By  Posted  Nov 21st 2014 | IN

Weight loss routines or any fitness regimes can get boring, but don't give up yet. Get motivated and laugh yourself to the gym with these insanely funny memes.Read more »

Best of the Week: Pump Up Your Iron Consumption!

By  Posted  Nov 21st 2014 | IN

If you've missed our riveting articles on how to pump up your iron consumption, how you may be depressed without knowing it, how to choose the right sleeping position, how to train the Hollywood way with Ramona Braganza, and our...Read more »

Dos and Don'ts for Oily Skin

By  Posted  Nov 21st 2014 | IN

If your skin often appears moist and shiny, and you can feel a greasy texture, you have oily skin.Taking care of oily skin is tricky because it is prone to breakouts and blackheads. Its important to be aware of what skincare routine is...Read more »

6 Reasons Why You Need to Eat Fennel

By  Posted  Nov 21st 2014 | IN

Fennel is highly regarded for the range of health benefits it offers. This crunchy and slightly sweet spice has been used in traditional remedies since ancient times and its use has spread globally.Read more »

Beauty Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

By  Posted  Nov 21st 2014 | IN

Available only in winter, Indian gooseberries, or amla as they are known in Hindi, have been used in Ayurvedic remedies for centuries. Apart from having several health benefits, they are beneficial for skin and hair as well, which is why...Read more »

Healthy Recipe: Coconut Peanut Soup

By  Posted  Nov 20th 2014 | IN

This unusual combination makes for a hearty and comforting soup. With a coconut and peanut base and fresh herbs and vegetables, this soup is a much healthier option than any cream of vegetable soup.Read more »

Antibacterial Soap Linked To Cancer and Liver Fibrosis

By  Posted  Nov 20th 2014 | IN

A new study conducted by researchers from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, suggests that washing your hands with antibacterial soap may lead to cancer.Read more »

Choosing the Right Sleep Position

By  Posted  Nov 20th 2014 | IN

For your health, try experimenting with each of the following positions for a few nights and see which one is the best fit for you.Read more »

The Things You Can and Cannot Cure With Brandy

By  Posted  Nov 20th 2014 | IN

One of the most sophisticated and expensive spirits, brandy is mistakenly used to keep warm. It does have other health benefits however, like preventing cancer and heart disease.Read more »



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Water Your Skin

Blue is one colour that always looks good on any skin! I'm talking about...

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