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Diabetic Dessert: Puranpoli

By  Posted  May 4th 2015 | IN

Can you imagine festivals or weddings without puranpoli? This classic sweet is a favourite across the country, called by different names and made with minor variations. If a month goes by without any special occasions, then people still go...Read more »

Have You Ever Had a Painful Mouth Ulcer?

By  Posted  May 4th 2015 | IN

If you've ever had an ulcer in your mouth, you'll know how painful and irritating it can be. Read on to find out the causes, symptoms and treatment options for mouth ulcers.Read more »

Your Deceased Loved Ones in a Perfume Bottle? It’s Possible!

By  Posted  May 4th 2015 | IN

The phrase 'till death do us part' will soon be history as a French company has come up with a brilliant idea to keep the memory of deceased loved ones alive by bottling their scent in a perfume bottle!Read more »

10 Foods Men Should Eat for Fertility

By  Posted  May 4th 2015 | IN

40 percent of all fertility problems are experienced by men. Factors like age or certain health issues can hinder and delay a mans fertility. A balanced diet plays an important role not only in helping one achieve overall health, but also...Read more »

What Happens to Your Body When You Wear High Heels

By  Posted  May 4th 2015 | IN

High heels are sexy, aren't they? But those extra inches have a hidden cost, which your body has to pay. High heel horrors include foot pain, back aches and knee pain. Read on to find out all about the horrors of wearing high heels.Read more »

25 Cool Hacks Using Soft Drinks

By  Posted  May 4th 2015 | IN

Soft drinks, also known as sodas, are terrible for your health since they are loaded with sugar, caffeine, chemicals and artificial colours and flavours. So if you have a lot of soda sitting around in your fridge, here are some cool things...Read more »

4 Natural Remedies to Quit Smoking

By  Posted  May 3rd 2015 | IN

One of the leading causes of deaths in the world, smoking attributes to various other health issues than just cancer. So you have already tried nicotine chewing gums and nicotine replacement products to kick the butt, but nothing worked?...Read more »

Bad Bedroom Habits to Avoid for Better Sex

By  Posted  May 3rd 2015 | IN

Recent research suggests that our busy schedules and lifestyle changes can take a toll on our bedroom life, thereby causing bad bedroom behaviour and poor sleeping habits. All these factors ultimately affect our sex life. In order to boost...Read more »

Are Wheat Pizzas, Frozen Yogurt and Salads Healthy?

By  Posted  May 3rd 2015 | IN

Fast food joints are mushrooming in every city in India, big or small. And the impact is felt and seen with the rising number of people diagnosed with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Yet we take solace in...Read more »

15 Thirst Quenching Foods to Keep You Hydrated All Summer

By  Posted  May 3rd 2015 | IN

Imagine entering home after a 20 minute walk in the scorching summer sun. What is the first thing you do? Walk up to the fridge to pour yourself a chilled glass of apple juice? Or maybe an energy drink to cool you down? Let us break it...Read more »


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