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Healthy Snack Recipe: Corn and Rice Tikki Satay

By  Posted  Sep 22nd 2014 | IN

Before you bid goodbye to the corn season this year, try this corn and rice tikki satay. Made out of rice, juicy corn kernels, mint and chaat masala, this will make for the perfect evening snack.Read more »

When to Wash Your Clothes

By  Posted  Sep 22nd 2014 | IN

Washing your clothes is an important part of hygiene, since your clothes get dirty from the pollution and dust in the air, as well as from the sweat, dead cells and other matter from your body. Wearing the same clothes too many times can...Read more »

6 Things That Annoy Doctors The Most

By  Posted  Sep 22nd 2014 | IN

Every day doctors have to consult and treat a throng of patients waiting at the hospital or clinic. A doctors job is stressful enough, without patients doing annoying things to make it harder.Read more »

5 Exercises for a Healthy Heart

By  Posted  Sep 22nd 2014 | IN

To live a longer and healthier life, one needs to keep the heart healthy. The heart rate can change in seconds, depending on what an individual does and feels at every moment. When an individual stands, sits or exercises vigorously, it...Read more »

7 Foods to Avoid When You're Dealing With Indigestion

By  Posted  Sep 22nd 2014 | IN

The best way to avoid ingestion is to eat balanced meals comprising of protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals regularly. Certain foods feed the bacteria in your intestine that causes gas and inflammation. If you...Read more »

How to Get Rid Of Food Smells In Your Home

By  Posted  Sep 22nd 2014 | IN

When food is being cooked it has a mouth-watering aroma, but if this aroma lingers in your home then it can become quite an off-putting smell. Meats, fried food, spicy food, burnt food and garlicky foods especially leave behind strong...Read more »

Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

By  Posted  Sep 21st 2014 | IN

Tea Tree Oil is as an essential oil that is steamed and distilled from the Austrailian plant Melaleuca alternifolia (unique to Australia and native to Northern New South Wales). It is a natural antibacterial disinfectant and was used as a...Read more »

Skincare: How to Treat an Oily T-Zone

By  Posted  Sep 21st 2014 | IN

The central parts of a persons face which includes the forehead, nose and chin, comprise a T-zone. The t-zone secretes more oil than the rest of your face and can make it appear oily and unpleasant. People with oily and combination skin...Read more »

Quick Workout Snacks for Fitness Enthusiasts

By  Posted  Sep 21st 2014 | IN

Yes, you might be struggling to take out those 40 minutes to fit a workout into your day, but what you eat before and after a workout is equally important. To prep your body for a workout, or later replenish it once the workout is over,...Read more »

Health and Fitness: What is Physical Fitness?

By  Posted  Sep 21st 2014 | IN

Whether you are a beginner taking the first step towards fitness or an athlete hoping to excel, you need to have a well rounded fitness training programme. Fitness is not just about achieving a certain level but actually consists of five...Read more »


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