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The Dangers of Japanese Encephalitis

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

Japanese Encephalitis is a virus that is not restricted to Japan. This a virus that can be transmitted with a mosquito bite. But how different is Japanese Encephalitis from malaria and dengue? Lets find out the what, why and when of this...Read more »

Healthy Snack Recipe: Broccoli, Pine Nut & Feta Cheese Tikkis

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

This tikki recipe is paired with a strong masala chai. These healthy and tasty tikkis with a Greek twist is perfect for a rainy monsoon evening. Chef Rajesh Radhakrishnan from The Park, Chennai gives you a step-by-step guide to making...Read more »

Best of the Week: Oat Recipes for Amazing Skin and Hair

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

If you've missed our riveting articles on fantastic ways to use oats for skincare and hair care, back pain solution, important bodybuilding supplements, facts and myths about Erectile Dysfunction, and amazing superfoods list, then...Read more »

Home Remedies for Peeling Skin

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

Sometimes when the skin is exposed to the sun for long, the harmful UV rays damages the epidermis causing it to peel extensively. This is when you begin to notice your skin peeling off. Though this is not a serious condition, it can leave...Read more »

Laughing Fit: Funny Running Jokes

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

Running is the most popular form of exercise. But there is always a funny side to everything, running included. We take a look at some of these funny moments in running.Read more »

Does Alcohol Really Benefit Your Health?

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

Numerous discussions regarding the consumption of alcohol in restricted or altered amounts for a healthy and sound heart often do the rounds. These certainties additionally guarantee that reasonable intake of liquor can lead to curtailed...Read more »

How to Care For Your Skin Post-Pregnancy

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

The pregnancy glow is what every young woman hopes to look forward to when she is expecting. Unfortunately, you may not get to be one of those lucky women who look even more beautiful pregnant than you do on a regular day! Read on to learn...Read more »

Health Alert: 5 Health Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

Were all guilty of ignoring those random headaches or toothaches, secretly waiting for them to pass so that we dont have to deal with a doctor. But consider this, a headache could be an aneurysm and a toothache could be a cavity too. You...Read more »

Top 15 Ways to Boost Testosterone Level for Sex

By  Posted  Jul 25th 2014 | IN

Low testosterone level can be a reason for low sex drive. But why lose out on sex when it has several health benefits attached to it. Sex is instrumental in burning calories, preventing cancer, improves mental health and effective in...Read more »

Tips to Prevent Common Respiratory Diseases in Monsoon

By  Posted  Jul 24th 2014 | IN

The heavy downpour often brings a host of illnesses with it. Cold, cough, flu and respiratory diseases are a common occurrence during monsoon but one should also be weary of other monsoon illnesses like malaria, dengue and several water...Read more »


Health Star Of The Week

Health Star of the Week: Mom Hits the Gym to Burn Baby Fat

The feeling of being a mother had left Rupa ecstatic, but the repercussions of fat rich...

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Sex Talk

15 Sex Positions that Guarantee Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms, the holy grail of sex. Men capable of dishing them out are considered sex...

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Skincare Tips

Homemade Beauty Recipes and Tips For Monsoons

Monsoon is all about acne prone skin, zits and pimples due to dust, frizzy hair and dirty...

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