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Healthy Recipe: Spicy Rasam

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Rasam is a spiced gravy that is a staple in every south Indian home. If you havent quite figured out how to make it just right, try this spicy rasam recipe. Rich in Vitamins A and C, folic acid, iron, calcium and fibre, it is both healthy...Read more »

20 Funny Fitness & Food Memes

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

The daily grind can get exhausting, but don't give up yet. Have a laugh at these funny food and fitness memes before you get back to your routine.Read more »

Best of the Week: Have You Heard of Cupping Therapy?

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

If you've missed our riveting articles on cupping therapy, tips to improve your posture, yoga poses: bhujangasana (the cobra pose), why sufficient sleep is essential for sexual desire, and our sugar-free fruit shrikhand dessert...Read more »

Study: Air Pollution Linked To Stroke Risk

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Air pollution is associated with an increased risk of stroke, finds a large global study published in the British Medical Journal. This link is particularly evident in low and middle-income countries.Read more »

Are You Eating Real Food?

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Instead of following one fad diet after another, experts recommend that you eat real food. To put it simply, real food is the opposite of fake and processed food. It is minimally processed and still retains its nutritional integrity. Read...Read more »

Can Cataract Surgery Be Done After LASIK?

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

LASIK surgery is a good alternative for people who wear spectacles or contact lenses. But as one ages, the formation of cataracts in one or both eyes is quite common. We all know that cataracts can be easily removed through surgery, and...Read more »

8 Things You Should Know About Stress

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Stress is your bodys natural response to any change in the environment that needs action or adjustment. Stress affects both your body and mind, and it impacts overall health and well-being. Managing stress poorly can result in mental and...Read more »

How to Repair Skin Damage Caused By Sun Exposure, Smoking & Acne

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Chain smoking, unhealthy eating habits, acne, hormonal imbalances, and excessive sun exposure damages the skin and causes premature ageing. In case you're looking for a quick fix to replenish your skin, there are cosmetic treatments...Read more »

Are You Sitting Your Life Away?

By  Posted  Mar 27th 2015 | IN

Many peoples jobs require them to sit in the same spot for several hours at a time, sometimes even for the whole day. Most people dont realise how something as innocuous as sitting can harm their health, but research has shown that sitting...Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Eat More Spinach

By  Posted  Mar 26th 2015 | IN

Low in calories, high in fibre and power packed with a host of nutrients, spinach is truly a superfood among veggies. This dark leafy green has a number of benefits that range from skin health to hair health and bone health among others....Read more »



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Pizza isn't necessarily junk food; it all depends on how it's made. Pizza can be...

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