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Do Home Remedies For Swine Flu Work?

By  Posted  Mar 2nd 2015 | IN

The number of swine flu deaths in India has already hit 1,075, with close to 20,000 people infected nationwide. Experts suggest that the sudden rains in the country may cause the virus to get overactive. In order to avert the epidemic,...Read more »

Chef Recipes: 5 Healthy Non-Veg Recipes

By  Posted  Mar 2nd 2015 | IN

Today we have Delhi-based culinary expert & cookbook author, Komal Taneja who reveals her secrets of aromatic and flavourful Indian non-vegetarian cooking. In keeping with our ideas of eating healthy, but delicious food, Chef Komal lists...Read more »

A Complete Guide to Muscle-Building Supplements

By  Posted  Mar 2nd 2015 | IN

There is a heavy influence of American supplement marketing in todays consumer industry, having stationed itself in a billion dollar net worth of global sales. But how much of it is actually worth it? Do we require it? Can we suffice with...Read more »

Nutrigenomics: Enhancing Beauty from Within

By  Posted  Mar 2nd 2015 | IN

Smooth ageless skin is the desire of countless people. The answer to this is not always in lotions or creams - but something deeper - in the control of oxidative stress at the cellular level.Read more »

How to Get Ideal Lips and a Fabulous Smile

By  Posted  Mar 2nd 2015 | IN

Its true that one can smile their way into someones heart. Few things are as positive in life as a smile. When we smile, the world suddenly looks more positive and welcoming. A perfect smile can greatly enhance the beauty of a person, make...Read more »

Butt Naturally: Quick Workouts For a Sexy Butt

By  Posted  Mar 2nd 2015 | IN

Do you crave for a firm, toned, tight, and curvy butt? Help is here, so read ahead to find out simple home workouts that will not only strengthen your glutes but make them sexy, too.Read more »

Laughing Fit: Jokes on the Weather

By  Posted  Mar 1st 2015 | IN

Weather can be a funny thing; luckily in India we have four distinct seasons. Dont let the weather bog you down and crack up to these weather jokes.Read more »

Fruit for All Seasons: Health Benefits of Papaya

By  Posted  Mar 1st 2015 | IN

Compared to other fruits, papaya has the most health benefits from cardiovascular to colon health. It is available all year round and every Indian market stocks it; not to mention most households that have a courtyard, will have a papaya...Read more »

10 Best Sex Positions for Men That Women Love

By  Posted  Mar 1st 2015 | IN

Ever wondered what sex positions women are interested in? Today, we share some with you some sex position that women love to see their men use in bed. After all sex is not just about orgasms, but also a balance between pleasure and ease....Read more »

How Sugar Harms Your Body

By  Posted  Mar 1st 2015 | IN

Eating a little bit of sugar is all right, since it fuels your brain and gives you energy. However, eating too much sugar harms your body in several ways, since it has no proteins, no healthy fats, vitamins, minerals or enzymes. It...Read more »



Celebrity Fitness: Exclusive Interview with Hrithik Roshan’s Trainer, Kris Gethin

If you’ve ever admired Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham’s physique, you have Kris Gethin...

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Health Star

Health Star of the Week: Vinay’s Healthy Weight Gain

Vinay was a skinny and underweight kid who had grown up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger and...

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Food Facts

5 Healthy and Tasty Alternatives to Dairy Milk

For hundreds of years, the only type of milk humans had to drink was animal milk that came...

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