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Low-Fat Dal Makhani Recipe

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

Dal makhani is a dish that originates from north India. Typically made with lots of butter and cream, it can be very high in calories and fat. For a healthy meal, try making this low-fat dal makhani recipe that tastes just as good as its...Read more »

Sleep Paralysis: Know All About It

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

One of the most horrifying experiences is that of being held down either after falling asleep or while waking up. There are nights when you feel like there is an entity in your room, but you can't scream, talk, call for help or move;...Read more »

5 Benefits of Working Out As a Couple

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

There are a number of physical and emotional benefits associated with couple workouts. They boost passion, synchronisation and a supportive spirit between couples. Throw in some endorphins and you have a real power boost in your...Read more »

Researchers Find Health Benefit in MSG

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

According to new research, umami, or the "fifth taste", could play an essential and beneficial role in health, especially in elderly people. Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami are the five basic tastes.Read more »

Text Neck: How Your Smartphone Is Affecting Your Spine

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

While technological devices have pretty much become indispensable to our lives, they could literally become a pain in the neck if were not careful. Read on to find out what text neck is, how it affects your health and how you can prevent...Read more »

How to Breathe Correctly For Every Type of Exercise

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

Breathing the right way while exercising can have a significant impact on your fitness, agility and even weight loss. Read on to find out the right breathing techniques for every type of exercise.Read more »

Why Couples Tend to Look Alike

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

You might have noticed that couples who are in a long term relationship tend to look alike. Some might even be mistaken for siblings. Is it because people tend to select partners who look like them or is it because couples tend to grow...Read more »

7 Healthy Foods That Could Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Plan

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

Check out our list of healthybut trickyfoods that could be holding you back from losing weight.Read more »

How Exercising Benefits You at Work

By  Posted  Jan 28th 2015 | IN

If you thought that the benefits of exercise are limited to just physical and health related aspects, think again! Exercise can help you out with your work as well, but unfortunately most people are so busy working that they dont make the...Read more »

Masala Papad Recipe

By  Posted  Jan 27th 2015 | IN

Papad is a crisp flatbread that is made from black gram flour and is usually served as an accompaniment to an Indian meal. This simple masala papad recipe can be eaten by itself as a snack or as a part of your meal.Read more »



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