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Home Remedies to Fight Obesity and Lose Weight

Home Remedies to Fight Obesity and Lose Weight

Weight Loss

Obesity is a condition where the deposition of...

Abdominal Obesity: How to Prevent Abdominal Obesity

Abdominal Obesity: How to Prevent Abdominal Obesity

Weight Loss

Abdominal obesity, excess stomach fat or simply...

13 Simple Weight Loss Hacks

13 Simple Weight Loss Hacks

Weight Loss

Most weight loss routines require you to make...

Health Star of the Week: Prasad's Wardrobe Change

By  posted Aug 18th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

After losing all that weight, Prasad has a new dilemma, a happy one. He has to buy new clothes because all of his old clothes are too loose for him! Here's how you could enjoy such a problem as well  Continue Reading »

Play a Sport - Burn Calories

By  posted Aug 17th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Many years ago, when we didn’t bother with calorie counts, ate every thing, and didn’t crash diet, we used to play sports for fun. There was no concept of clocking in endless, boring gym hours into a bottomless pit called weight control. We played. For fun. For most of us today, sports like tennis, badminton, squash, football, cricket – yes even cricket, are a part of distant school memories. Hockey too. Here’s looking at why we should not only stop boring everyone to tears with endless recounts of ‘that super goal in high school,’ but also how much we stand to gain by going back to the sports we enjoyed as kids.  Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Remedies from the Kitchen

By  posted Aug 5th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Exercise is effective in increasing heart rate, speeding up metabolism, increasing muscles and inducing weight loss. But certain ingredients are important for weight loss as they are crucial for metabolism. Find out why lime juice, pepper and honey are vital for weight loss and how to use them.  Continue Reading »

Health Star of the Week: Sonia's Lifestyle Change

By  posted Aug 4th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Sonia was determined to lose all the extra weight after years of being overweight. Here's how she took the leap to becoming fit and healthy by changing her lifestyle, for life!  Continue Reading »

How to Make Healthy Fast Food Choices

By  posted Aug 4th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

We are inclined towards junk food, fast food and comfort food because they are cheap, super tasty and easily available. On the other hand they are loaded with calories, fats and salt that can seriously sabotage your weight loss plans. But that doesn't mean you can't make healthy fast food choices.  View Slideshow »

Juices for Definite Weight Loss

By  posted Aug 1st 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Juices high in fiber, protein and calcium satiate hunger, leaves you satisfied and drops kilos off your waist. So blend vegetable rich juices to attain your daily calorie count and eliminate hunger pangs.  Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Dilemma: At What Rate Should I Lose Weight?

By  posted Jul 30th 2014 | IN Weight Loss
Weight Loss Dilemma: At What Rate Should I Lose Weight?

Many people who are well on the weight loss track tend to ask this question – "At what rate should I lose weight?" While many health pundits differ in their opinion when it comes to answering this question, one golden rule everybody agrees with is this – Everyone is a little different, and so is the rate at which they should be losing weight.   Continue Reading »

Not Losing Weight Quickly? Here’s Why…

By  posted Jul 26th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

"I know what I should eat, but I just feel I am not right with my calorie count". Students, parents, teenagers, business people and alike repeatedly express this predicament. Trying their best to lose weight but the feel frustrated that they are not getting results. Although they take time to exercise, to organise their meals, but they don't know how to eat right. Here's what you must know about weight loss diet.  View Slideshow »

20 Everyday Activities That Sneakily Burn Off Those Calories

By  posted Jul 18th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

We already know the importance of a good workout and how burning calories influence weight loss but sometimes indulging in a good workout session just does not fit into our daily schedule. Whether it’s your career or just life in general that’s keeping you busy, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose a few calories in between. When you analyse the things we bring to you in this article, you’ll be surprised to know how easy it is to lose calories even without going to the gym.  View Slideshow »

20 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Keeping You Fat

By  posted Jul 15th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

In spite of our goals and diet plans, most of us are not satisfied with our weight loss results. So, Dr. Puneet Nayak, CMD of a reputed Weight Loss Clinic and an Obesity Consultant points out the biggest weight loss mistakes Indians make that prevent them from reaching their weight loss goals.  View Slideshow »



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