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Weighty Issues: Ideal Weight or Happy Weight?

Weighty Issues: Ideal Weight or Happy Weight?

Weight Loss

Have you been struggling to come down to your...

Do You Have Cankles?

Do You Have Cankles?

Weight Loss

‘Cankles’ is the rather pejorative term...

Health Star of the Week: Shedding the Flab

Health Star of the Week: Shedding the Flab

Weight Loss

Imraan decided to shed the extra kilos to...

How to Snack Right and Lose Weight

By  posted Sep 3rd 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Losing weight has always been considered a simple matter of counting calories - the amount of calories being ingested and the amount of calories being burnt. So, one tends to meticulously keep a count of what they eat. At times, one tends to eat less than the required amount of food for the optimum functioning of the body and at other times one may slip and eat more, by snacking on titbits. So, the question arises: should I snack or should I avoid it?  View Slideshow »

5 Workouts that Don't Feel Like Workouts

By  posted Aug 22nd 2014 | IN Weight Loss

For most of us, the word ‘workout’ conjures up images of sweat soaked t-shirts, bulging muscles, a gym trainer, or running shoes. This image may not be entirely real because there are a few things you can do in your daily life, or maybe weekly life, which have the ingredients of a good workout without necessarily being one. Many of these chores are left entirely up to domestic help, but there is no reason for us not to make them part of our weekly routines, if only just to ingrain more activity into our busy schedules.  Continue Reading »

How Eating Fish Helps with Weight Loss

By  posted Aug 21st 2014 | IN Weight Loss

When it comes to fish, most people tend to either love it or hate it. If you already love it then we don’t have to convince you to eat more of it, but if you hate it then maybe these facts will help change your mind  View Slideshow »

Eat Broccoli for Weight Loss

By  posted Aug 20th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

You may have turned away from this green vegetable as a kid, but let us tell you that broccoli has quite a few health benefits. The most interesting benefit is that broccoli can effectively help you lose weight. Broccoli is high in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals and low in calories and fat. By simply adding a regular dose of this leafy green vegetable to your diet you can meet your daily nutrient needs and lose weight at the same time.  Continue Reading »

Strength Training for All Ages

By  posted Aug 19th 2014 | IN Weight Loss
Strength Training for All Ages

It does not matter if it is your 15th birthday or 50th, believe us when we say, strength training is meant for all ages. Though the intensity may vary, strength training does not mean restricting yourself to gym-bound or age-bound exercises. Today, we are going to look at why older adults need not be afraid of strength training, and how strength training can also benefit children, if supervised well.   Continue Reading »

How to Set a Target Weight

By  posted Aug 18th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

It is a good idea to check your BMI every once in a while, just to get an idea of whether or not you are in the right weight category for your age. The ideal BMI lies between 18.5 and 24.9, with people below this range being underweight and people above this range being overweight. Either way, if you are not in the ideal category, you should figure out how much weight you need to lose or gain in order to be healthy.  Continue Reading »

Health Star of the Week: Prasad's Wardrobe Change

By  posted Aug 18th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

After losing all that weight, Prasad has a new dilemma, a happy one. He has to buy new clothes because all of his old clothes are too loose for him! Here's how you could enjoy such a problem as well  Continue Reading »

Play a Sport - Burn Calories

By  posted Aug 17th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Many years ago, when we didn’t bother with calorie counts, ate every thing, and didn’t crash diet, we used to play sports for fun. There was no concept of clocking in endless, boring gym hours into a bottomless pit called weight control. We played. For fun. For most of us today, sports like tennis, badminton, squash, football, cricket – yes even cricket, are a part of distant school memories. Hockey too. Here’s looking at why we should not only stop boring everyone to tears with endless recounts of ‘that super goal in high school,’ but also how much we stand to gain by going back to the sports we enjoyed as kids.  Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Remedies from the Kitchen

By  posted Aug 5th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Exercise is effective in increasing heart rate, speeding up metabolism, increasing muscles and inducing weight loss. But certain ingredients are important for weight loss as they are crucial for metabolism. Find out why lime juice, pepper and honey are vital for weight loss and how to use them.  Continue Reading »

Health Star of the Week: Sonia's Lifestyle Change

By  posted Aug 4th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Sonia was determined to lose all the extra weight after years of being overweight. Here's how she took the leap to becoming fit and healthy by changing her lifestyle, for life!  Continue Reading »



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