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Health Star of the Week: Trekking Towards Weight Loss

By  posted May 12th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

It was a trek to Shimla that made Ranjit realise how fat and unfit he was. The 27-year-old sales manager decided to take stock of his life and designed a weight loss workout schedule for himself by cutting down on fats and junk and taking up trekking.  Continue Reading »

Top 20 Weight Loss Plan Mistakes to Avoid

By  posted May 11th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

In your fight against weight loss there are temptations that we face daily – easy accessibility of fast food joints, too lazy or tired to exercise, eating out helps you socialize, etc. We know our own weakness but there are other habits we follow daily that makes up pile on more weight. To help you strike a cord we list out top 20 weight loss plan mistakes you could be making. *Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images  View Slideshow »

Health Star of the Week: Weight Loss to Fight Diabetes

By  posted May 5th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Dinesh Das used to suffer from acidity and had high sugar levels. So, the 37-year-old decided to take stock of his life by incorporating a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Continue Reading »

How to Prevent Obesity in Urban India

By  posted May 2nd 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Ever wondered why farmers or manual labourers are fit? This is a common question that most of us have asked ourselves or others. So, if you want to get fit and healthy like them and prevent obesity, make the following lifestyle changes for a slimmer, healthier you.  View Slideshow »

Health Star of the Week: Weight Loss Success the Tough Way

By  posted Apr 28th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Kunal was a regular student who spent his weekend gorging on ghee laden junk food and tandoori chicken with his hostel friends. But things changed when he realised that he was putting on weight and getting unfit. So, the 21-year-old guy, decided it was time he took charge of his life and lost the excess weight.  Continue Reading »

5 Most Popular Cleansing Diets

By  posted Apr 26th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

In a world where looking your best and staying healthy is a growing trend, there are many diet options. The trend of cleansing diets is proving to be a successful way to shed a few unwanted pounds. This article will discuss at least five of the most popular and successful cleansing diets. If you are considering doing a cleanse, choose from one of these options.  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Effective Fat-Busters

By  posted Apr 23rd 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Speed up metabolism, burn calories and lose weight quickly with these effective weight loss tips. Try these exercises to lose weight fast and incorporate the right kind of diet to speed up metabolism.  Continue Reading »

Health Star of the Week: Housewife on a Weight loss Mission

By  posted Apr 21st 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Manisha chose to be ignorant about the weight she had gained over the years, as she was busy with her home and family. But, it was recurring knee pain at the age of 40, which finally made her focus on her weight. So she enrolled at her local gym and began shedding the kilos.  Continue Reading »

Interesting Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

By  posted Apr 21st 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Consuming the right snacks at the right time, can help one lose weight. Keeping this is mind, we have listed out some interesting snack ideas, which promise to curb cravings and spearhead your weight loss journey.  Continue Reading »

Obesity and Metabolic Surgery: Hype or Hope

By  posted Apr 19th 2014 | IN Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery is one of the most popular surgeries, which helps obese people lose weight. It is a procedure that reduces the size of the stomach with a gastric band or removes a portion of the stomach that results in the interruption of the digestive system and therefore, restricts the amount of food a patient can eat.  Continue Reading »


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