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healthmeup - 07/16/2014 09:00:00

Strengthen Your Kidneys with Yoga

Strengthen Your Kidneys with Yoga Kidneys form an extremely important function of purifying the blood by filtering waste from it. They also help in functioning of the urinary system, secretion of hormones and maintenance of the blood pressure level in the body. Kidneys also have the additional function of maintaining the level of... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 07/13/2014 07:00:00

Six Yoga Poses for Strong, Toned Arms

Six Yoga Poses for Strong, Toned Arms What most people don’t know is that yoga is one of the best ways to build upper-body strength and the best part is that you do not have to spend a lot of time at the gym lifting weights to get rid of your flabby arms. Instead, you can practice these six yoga poses in the comfort of your home.... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 07/10/2014 10:00:00

Yoga Postures for Kids

Yoga Postures for Kids Teaching yoga to kids is a uniquely wonderful way to guiding them into a healthy lifestyle. From a young age, they should be taught how to calm the mind and become more emotionally stable. Kids go through a lot of physical exertion; yoga helps them calm down and yet builds their strength. They love... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 04/24/2014 07:00:00

Mayurasana – Power Yoga Pose for a Flat Belly

Mayurasana –Power Yoga Pose for a Flat Belly Power yoga is an effective way to lose weight and tone your body. Rajesh Sharma, a yoga coach, from Navi Mumbai, who specialises in power yoga shares a video on Mayurasana, a power yoga pose, which promotes weight loss. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 03/08/2014 08:00:00

Yoga and Core Strength

Yoga and Core Strength Core strength is essential to build good metabolism, burn fat and boost overall strength and vitality. Without strengthening your core (which is your stomach and back muscles) it is not possible to get the maximum out of your limbs or any other body parts that you want to work on. Even runners... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 01/02/2014 12:30:00

Smart Yoga for Office Cubicles

Smart Yoga for Office Cubicles Office hours aren't getting any easier, and our fitness levels aren't getting any better either. With obesity and diabetes on the rise in India, it's time we took matters into our own hands. And what better place to start than our cubicles? Those tiny little workstations we spend most of our waking... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 06/29/2013 14:00:00

Yoga Poses for Men

Yoga Poses for Men Here are three yoga poses, which will help men stretch their strong, and often used, strong body parts such as the hips, groin and shoulders, while strengthening weak, often neglected, body parts such as their knees and lower back. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 06/28/2013 06:30:00

Beauty: Top 5 Yoga Poses for Beauty

Beauty: Top 5 Yoga Poses for Beauty Mental peace and emotional balance are as important as topical skincare to radiate beauty from within through your skin. Here is a selection of Yogic poses and yogic exercises which when coupled with good Ayurvedic skincare tips can produce a startling effect on your skin: Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 06/22/2013 06:30:00

Power Yoga for Healthy Living [Instructional Video]

Power Yoga for Healthy Living [Instructional Video] Power yoga is essentially like an aerobic workout, where yoga poses are done faster and in continuation. Power yoga when practised regularly and under supervision helps your body achieve stability, balance, posture and tone. Fitness Instructor from Navi Mumbai, Rajesh Sharma takes you through the... Continue Reading »