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healthmeup - 07/21/2014 07:00:00

Back Pain: Exercise Is the Solution

Back Pain: Exercise Is the Solution What do you do when your back hurts? Do you stop exercising? Do you sleep on it? Fast becoming a common ailment for the sedentary working classes, back pain must not be taken lightly. If after consulting a doctor or expert, it turns out that your back pain is not bone or joint related, then weak... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 07/20/2014 07:00:00

Indoor Workout Ideas

Indoor Workout Ideas Indoor workout ideas are a great way to beat the weather blues when they start affecting your workout routine. Take this monsoon for instance – it’s pouring cats and dogs and all you can think of is curling up under the blanket. Who would want to step out for a walk or head to the gym in this... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 07/18/2014 07:00:00

Health Tips That Can Change Your Life Forever

Health Tips That Can Change Your Life Forever We all wish for a magic wand that will help us beat stress to fly like a bird, get strong like Hulk and feel fuller in just few morsels of food, basically change our lifestyles for a healthy ‘you’. But again, it’s NOT a mammoth task to change your life; small steps taken at the right time can... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 04/30/2014 08:00:00

Pedometre Apps for Smartphones

Pedometre Apps for Smartphones Physical activity including walking, running or cycling are convenient ways of losing weight. And the best way to monitor physical activity, your fitness level, heart rate and weight loss is with a pedometre. But, instead of buying a pedometre, examine your physical activity with these free apps,... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 04/29/2014 06:00:00

Health Benefits of Dancing

Health Benefits of Dancing Dancing can help one lose weight, when combined with a healthy diet, Not only does it raise the heart rate through movement, dancing also tones and tightens the major muscle groups of the body. Dancing can also burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 03/08/2014 12:30:00

Workout: Exercises for Sexy Calves

Workout: Exercises for Sexy Calves Summer is the time to slip into a short summery dress, hot pants and for guys, to walk around in three fourths and a vest. Summer brings out a complete change in wardrobe but what would really go well with the outfit are sexy calf muscles. It completes your summer or sexy beach look. If you’re... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/15/2014 06:00:00

How to Get Sexy Legs

How to Get Sexy Legs Great legs are for most, the definition of sexiness. Imagine being able to walk into a room in that short skirt or those hot shorts, without worrying about cellulite or unshapely legs? Even for the thin folk out there, you maybe able to get that flat tummy or that perfect butt, but when it comes to... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/10/2014 07:00:00

Health Star of the Week: Adopting a Weight Loss Management Plan

Health Star of the Week: Adopting a Weight Loss Management Plan Subramanyam was too busy with his IT job to pay attention to his expanding girth, but once he realised he was overweight, he decided to take stock of his life, lose the weight and get fit. He began by changing his cooking oil, walking, and downloading health apps along with a workout schedule to... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/05/2014 12:30:00

Brisk Walking as a Workout

Brisk Walking as a Workout Whether you are new to exercise or already in shape, brisk walking is a great form of exercise. As one of the most performed exercise forms, brisk walking involves no special equipment, just a good pair of walking shoes. You can weave this workout into your daily routine by walking for 30 minutes... Continue Reading »