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healthmeup - 02/17/2015 13:00:00

Soya Brown Rice Recipe

Soya Brown Rice Recipe When you’re in the mood to try out something different, make this recipe with soya granules and brown rice. Flavoured with Indian spices, it is both healthy and delicious. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/16/2015 13:00:00

Diabetic Recipe: Hakka Noodles

Diabetic Recipe: Hakka Noodles Diabetic people are generally advised to avoid eating dishes like noodles. However, this recipe uses whole wheat noodles and plenty of vegetables, making it suitable for the diabetic diet. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/14/2015 13:00:00

Healthy Penne and Fruit Salad

Healthy Penne and Fruit Salad Sweet lime and orange with spring vegetables such as capsicum and carrots together make a lovely Vitamin C-rich salad. Boost your immunity with this penne and fruit salad and keep infections at bay. The penne and bean sprouts impart a blend of soft and crunchy textures to the salad. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/07/2015 13:00:00

Mini Bajra Uttapa Recipe

Mini Bajra Uttapa Recipe Perfect for a healthy and nutritious breakfast, these mini onion uttapas are made with bajra (white millet) and minimal oil. Though the recipe calls for an uttapa pan, you can use a regular non-stick pan to make them as well. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/06/2015 13:00:00

Paneer Makhmali Recipe

Paneer Makhmali Recipe If you’re not in the mood for palak paneer (cottage cheese in a spinach gravy), try making this healthy paneer makhmali recipe instead. Made with a coriander, mint and cashew gravy, it is both rich and delicious. Serve it with either parathas or naans (Indian flatbreads). Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 02/02/2015 13:00:00

Tom Yum Soup Recipe

Tom Yum Soup Recipe A flavourful Thai soup that is truly refreshing as the chillies, lemon grass and other ingredients unite to create a harmonious bouquet of flavours. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 01/31/2015 13:00:00

Aloo Bhaji Recipe

Aloo Bhaji Recipe This is a healthy recipe for aloo bhaji, or potato stuffing, that can be eaten by itself or stuffed into dosas. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 01/30/2015 13:00:00

Mini Jowar Pancake Recipe

Mini Jowar Pancake Recipe Instead of making pancakes with flour, try making these savoury jowar (white millet) pancakes for a healthy breakfast. Simple and quick, they can be whipped up in no time. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 01/29/2015 13:00:00

Healthy Pesarattu Recipe

Healthy Pesarattu Recipe Pesarattu is a famous south Indian dish that resembles a savoury crepe or a thick dosa. Made with a green gram and rice batter, it is a healthy and delicious breakfast option. Continue Reading »