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healthmeup - 04/19/2014 13:30:00

Healthy Indian Dessert Recipe: Shrikhand

Healthy Indian Dessert Recipe: Shrikhand We are sure that you will agree when we say that Shrikhand tastes best when eaten with hot fluffy puris fried in ghee. It is a little bit of heaven for our taste buds but an absolute disaster for our waistlines. So, if you are a fan of Indian sweets especially Shrikhand, we have a healthy Shrikhand... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 04/13/2014 07:30:00

Summer Snacks to Keep You Cool

Summer Snacks to Keep You Cool Summer is here with a vengeance, and I’m convinced it only has one mission: To sap us of energy. But instead of complaining, here are some ways to celebrate summer and tackle it head on. While our regular healthy snacks like nuts and boiled eggs are great for energy supplies, they're not very... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 04/11/2014 13:30:00

Healthy Cookies for Snacks

Healthy Cookies for Snacks Cakes and cookies are the first to go when we start eating sensibly. What if we told you that you don't need to give up on cookies during snack time? All you have to do is eat the right cookies. Here's a recipe that blends in your daily almond intake with whole grains and natural sweetner to give... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 04/09/2014 13:30:00

Healthy Breakfast: Makai ka Dhokla

Healthy Breakfast: Makai ka Dhokla Begin your day with this healthy Indian breakfast recipe. This makai ka dhokla is a fibre filled treat made from sweet corn and maize flour. So simply follow the steps below to prepare this easy to make healthy breakfast. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 04/01/2014 13:30:00

Healthy Recipe: Mango Soya Milkshake

Healthy Recipe: Mango Soya Milkshake The mango season has officially begun in India. So grab some mangoes and try out this lactose intolerant mango soya milkshake recipe. The proteins from the soya milk when combined with the king of fruits-mango make not just a tasty treat but also a very healthy one. This recipe is very easy to make... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 03/31/2014 13:30:00

Healthy Diabetic Recipe: Apple Crepes

Healthy Diabetic Recipe: Apple Crepes Diabetics have a tough time during any festive season. So, we give you this exotic, diabetic friendly apple crepe recipe, which is tasty and packed with nutrients. Follow these easy steps to prepare this healthy apple crepe recipe. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 03/29/2014 13:30:00

Healthy Salad: Banana Flower Salad Recipe

Healthy Salad: Banana Flower Salad Recipe This crunchy salad is made with banana flower and is tossed in tamarind and roasted peanuts. The dish is loaded with vitamins and the sweet and sour taste of jaggery and lemon. Canola oil makes a great addition with its light texture and neutral taste. Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 03/25/2014 13:30:00

Healthy Recipe: Multigrain Muesli Pancakes

Healthy Recipe:Multigrain Muesli Pancakes A perfectly balanced mixture of whole grains, fruits, nuts and other delicious but healthy additives, Muesli provides a far healthier alternative for the first meal of the day. So, try these multigrain muesli pancakes... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 03/20/2014 13:30:00

Low Calorie Snack Recipe: Rajma Kebab

Low Calorie Snack Recipe: Rajma Kebab Every tasty snack need not always be calorie rich and fat laden. In today’s recipe feature, the chef gives us a step- by-step guide on how to prepare this low-fat version of the Rajma Kebab. With a few Indian spices and minimal oil usage, the chef prepares these healthy yet delicious kebabs. Continue Reading »