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healthmeup - 09/28/2014 07:00:00

Why You Should Workout with Your Pet

Why You Should Workout with Your Pet? Ask any pet owner and they will admit that pets make a wonderful companion. But besides keeping you company pets can be useful in one more area; to keep you fit! Not only your pet can ensure that you get off the couch and get moving but working out with your pet will improve their health as well.... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 09/16/2014 14:00:00

Mental Benefits of Walking

Mental Benefits of Walking The last time you took a long walk, you probably did so in the name of physical fitness. But what if we tell you walking has a few more benefits that venture beyond fitness motives. Walking has known to exhibit several mental benefits too. Read on to know more about how walking can boost your... Continue Reading »


healthmeup - 12/28/2012 07:00:00

5 Tips for Buying the Right Treadmill

5 Tips for Buying the Right Treadmill A treadmill is an ideal investment, because it offers the health benefits of walking and running from within the comfort of your home. Doctors typically suggest treadmills for home exercising equipment, because it’s so natural to walk and run. Plus, if you only have to walk into the next room to... Continue Reading »