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Healthy Detox Drink: Lemongrass Tea

Healthy Detox Drink: Lemongrass Tea


Kick out the festive bloat and mood blues with...

Healthy Recipe: Stir Fried Water Chestnuts

Healthy Recipe: Stir Fried Water Chestnuts


For all those of you who love water chestnuts,...

Low Calorie Snack: Baked Papdis

Low Calorie Snack: Baked Papdis


These baked papdis make for the perfect...

Healthy Diabetic Recipe: Spicy Kokum Drink

Healthy Diabetic Recipe: Spicy Kokum Drink


The famous kokum sharbat is a popular drink in...

Beetroot and Fennel Salad on a Bed of Bulgur Wheat

By  posted Aug 21st 2014 | IN Recipes

Beetroot is rich in antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, folic acid and soluble fibre. It is low in fat, with a medium glycemic index. Prep it up with some fennel on a bed of bulgur wheat and enjoy this flavoursome yet healthy dish. The flavours all come together very well. The freshness of the fennel has me addicted!  Continue Reading »

Vegetarian Recipe: Roasted Capsicum Soup

By  posted Aug 20th 2014 | IN Recipes
Vegetarian Recipe: Roasted Capsicum Soup

During the rainy season, a warm cup of soup is the perfect comfort food. This healthy soup does not contain oil or butter and is made with roasted capsicums, which contain only 23 calories per cup and are loaded with fibre and antioxidants.   Continue Reading »

Healthy Snack Recipe: Alfalfa Sprouts Open Sandwich

By  posted Aug 19th 2014 | IN Recipes

Sprouts are very rich in both calcium and Vitamin A, making them a superfood that you should try to incorporate into your diet as often as possible. Try out this healthy Alfalfa Sprouts Open Sandwich recipe – colourful and tasty, it has only half the bread of a regular sandwich.  Continue Reading »

Healthy Salad Recipe: Greek Salad

By  posted Aug 18th 2014 | IN Recipes

Greek salad is a popular salad in Greek cuisine, that is perfect for those on a Mediterranean diet . If you're looking for a healthy meal that is rich in healthy fats and other nutrients, look no further. Executive Sous Chef from Courtyard by Marriott shares this exclusive recipe for HealthMeUp.  Continue Reading »

Healthy Ice Cream Recipe: Black Jamun Ice Cream

By  posted Aug 16th 2014 | IN Recipes

Black jamuns are known to be very beneficial to diabetics. Blend them together with some low-fat milk and you can have a dessert that is not only healthy but is also diabetes friendly. Give this black jamun ice cream a try this weekend.  Continue Reading »

Healthy Snack: Tricolour Sandwich Recipe

By  posted Aug 15th 2014 | IN Recipes

Independence Day calls for tricolour food that tastes as good as it looks. To get yourself in a patriotic mood, try making these simple tricolour sandwiches that are both healthy and attractive.  Continue Reading »

Plum Chutney Recipe

By  posted Aug 14th 2014 | IN Recipes

Plums are low in calories (46 calories per 100 g) and contain no saturated fats; however, contain numerous health promoting compounds, minerals and vitamins. Why not make a fruity chutney with added flavours of ginger and fennel seeds. So ditch ketchup and have a healthy dip instead.  Continue Reading »

Healthy Salad Recipe: Quinoa, Peach and Walnut Salad

By  posted Aug 13th 2014 | IN Recipes

Quinoa has been one of the most popular supergrain for a few years now. This healthy grain is a powerhouse of nutrients. To add quinoa to your diet, we give you a healthy salad recipe. The quinoa, peach and walnut salad will make for a filling yet scrumptious lunch.  Continue Reading »

Raksha Bandhan Special: Almond Pista Rolls

By  posted Aug 10th 2014 | IN Recipes

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Raksha Bandhan is the mouthwatering food. Akansha Jhalani, Registered Dietitian and food Blogger, suggests you try this recipe as a special treat for your brothers.  Continue Reading »

Raksha Bandhan Special: Lauki Ka Halwa

By  posted Aug 9th 2014 | IN Recipes

Showers of rain bring with them the desire to eat a hot dessert. This Raksha Bandhan, indulge in this healthy vitamin C rich lauki (bottle gourd) ka halwa.  Continue Reading »


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