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Healthy Lazy Sunday Recipes [Top 5 Picks]

Healthy Lazy Sunday Recipes [Top 5 Picks]


Sundays aren't meant for slaving over the...

Healthy Snack Recipe: Creamy Spinach Toast

Healthy Snack Recipe: Creamy Spinach Toast


For those who find bread dry and difficult to...

Pineapple Rasam Soup Recipe

Pineapple Rasam Soup Recipe


This recipe lends a tangy twist to the...

How to Make Sprouts Kadhi

How to Make Sprouts Kadhi


Kadhi gets an extra shot of nutrition with the...

Instant Mango Pickle Recipe

By  posted May 20th 2015 | IN Recipes

If you’re fond of mango pickle (and who isn’t?) this is the time to enjoy it! This is a quick and simple mango pickle recipe with minimal oil that can be consumed instantly or stored in the fridge for up to 4 days. Serve it with hot parathas or a subzi of your choice.  Continue Reading »

Baked Mushroom Rolls with Tomato and White Sauce Recipe

By  posted May 19th 2015 | IN Recipes

Baked mushroom rolls with tomato and white sauce are a treat that will please almost everybody, whether they love creamy sauces or tangy ones! This dish scores winning points by using fibre-rich mushrooms, which help maintain blood sugar levels. Another favourable aspect of this recipe is that the white sauce is made using whole wheat flour and minimal oil, rather than refined flour and butter.  Continue Reading »

Rejoice! Here’s Our Low-Calorie Mango Cheesecake Recipe

By  posted May 18th 2015 | IN Recipes

This recipe innovatively uses mangoes and low-fat paneer to make a guilt-free cheesecake. There are 198 calories in one slice of this cheesecake.  Continue Reading »

Rajma and Spinach Soup Recipe

By  posted May 17th 2015 | IN Recipes

Packed with protein and iron, this healthy soup recipe requires only basic ingredients that you will probably already have at home. With a subtle and delicate flavour, it is lightly seasoned with spices and topped with grated cheese.  Continue Reading »

Healthy Recipe: Fried Brown Rice with Shrimp

By  posted May 16th 2015 | IN Recipes

This recipe is made with brown rice, which is considered to be good for digestion and rich in nutrients like protein, thiamine and minerals. People with diabetes or those who are trying to lose weight can benefit from eating brown rice because it has a low glycemic index. The rice is cooked with olive oil, and loaded with vegetables, which provide plenty of fibre. Shrimp boosts the protein content and contains lots of antioxidants and minerals.  Continue Reading »

Coconut and Brown Rice Payasam Recipe

By  posted May 15th 2015 | IN Recipes

This recipe adds a healthy twist to the traditional south Indian payasam recipe, by using fresh tender coconut and brown rice. Lightly seasoned with cardamom and elaichi, it is both delicious and extremely easy to make. Perfect for the next time you have guests over!  Continue Reading »

Healthy Beetroot and Sesame Roti Recipe

By  posted May 14th 2015 | IN Recipes

This beetroot and sesame roti, made colourful by the pink shades of beetroot and the savoury touch of sesame, is the ideal addition to your kid's lunch box. It's tasty, healthy, and easy to make!  Continue Reading »

Carrot and Grape Juice Recipe

By  posted May 13th 2015 | IN Recipes

Make this sweet and refreshing juice to beat the summer heat. Quick and extremely easy to make, it is loaded with vitamins A and C, making it super healthy.  Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Recipe: Methi and Moong Sprouts Wrap

By  posted May 12th 2015 | IN Recipes

These sumptuous whole wheat wraps are perfect for brunch, or for a meal on the go. The use of fibre-rich ingredients like methi and moong makes this an ideal food for diabetics. In general, most fibre-rich foods help lower blood glucose levels, but methi even more so because it stimulates the production of insulin. Moong is a good source of antioxidants and Vitamin A. Interestingly, these wraps are also a good way to make use of leftover chapatis!  Continue Reading »

Diabetic-Friendly Recipe: Hurittu

By  posted May 11th 2015 | IN Recipes

Hurittu is a healthy south Indian dish that is typically made with ragi flour. This is an exclusive recipe by nutritionist Tara Murali, Diabetacare, for a quick and diabetic-friendly breakfast porridge.  Continue Reading »


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