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Moru Moru Dosa Recipe

Moru Moru Dosa Recipe


Moru moru dosa, or crisp dosa, is a south...

Pregnancy Recipe: Baked Spinach Rolls

Pregnancy Recipe: Baked Spinach Rolls


Spinach is good for everyone! This recipe, with...

Healthy Juice Recipe: Apple Cucumber Juice

Healthy Juice Recipe: Apple Cucumber Juice


Fibre-rich apples and juicy cucumber make a...

Healthy Recipe: Spicy Rasam

Healthy Recipe: Spicy Rasam


Rasam is a spiced gravy that is a staple in...

Iron-Rich Recipe: Date Pancakes

By  posted Mar 26th 2015 | IN Recipes

Dates are full of iron and zinc, and a great low-calorie ingredient for desserts. Here, they are combined with nuts and spices to make a delicious stuffing.  Continue Reading »

Idli Chilli Recipe

By  posted Mar 25th 2015 | IN Recipes

Idli is a south Indian dish made of rice flour. To keep things interesting, make this idli chilli recipe and eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.  Continue Reading »

Sugar-Free Dessert: Fruit Shrikhand

By  posted Mar 24th 2015 | IN Recipes

Indian desserts are not diabetes-friendly; they are high in sugar and laden with ghee, making them unhealthy and fattening. Executive Chef Pradipt Sinha, Courtyard by Marriott Pune City Centre, adds a healthy twist to shrikhand, a favourite Indian dessert, by making it with nutritious fruits and low fat milk.  Continue Reading »

Microwave Recipe: Eggplant in Tomato Sauce

By  posted Mar 23rd 2015 | IN Recipes

Succulent eggplant slices coated with a semi-spicy, herbed tomato sauce are cooked together for just a minute so that the flavours can sink in. You will love the perfect texture of the eggplant slices and the balanced flavour of the tomato sauce, all of which make this quick and easy recipe a delight to behold and dig into!  Continue Reading »

Healthmeup’s Top Indian Recipes

By  posted Mar 23rd 2015 | IN Recipes

It’s the month of our 4th anniversary, and we wanted to celebrate it by bringing you the best of all our articles. Here are 10 of our favourite Indian recipes, for a healthier and fitter you!  Continue Reading »

Palak Moong Dal Recipe

By  posted Mar 22nd 2015 | IN Recipes

While dal (lentil gravy) is a staple in most Indian households, this is a palak moong dal recipe that adds the nutrition and flavour of spinach to the dal.  Continue Reading »

Low Cholesterol Recipe: Bread Bhurji

By  posted Mar 21st 2015 | IN Recipes

This recipe makes for a good, tasty breakfast. A quick meal that can be made in a hurry, it is sure to be a hit with people of all ages.  Continue Reading »

Lentil and Pumpkin Soup Recipe

By  posted Mar 20th 2015 | IN Recipes

While pumpkin (kadu) is a very healthy vegetable, most of us don’t eat it because we‘re not sure how to prepare it. Here’s a healthy recipe with lentils and pumpkin that is packed with nutrition and is easy to make.  Continue Reading »

Low Calorie Recipe: Green Pea and Corn Soup

By  posted Mar 19th 2015 | IN Recipes

Corn is a staple cereal used in Mexican cuisine. Green peas are used to thicken this soup and give it a substantial amount of fibre. This delicious broth makes for a wholesome and heart-warming meal if served with whole wheat bread.  Continue Reading »

Steamed Manchurian Recipe

By  posted Mar 18th 2015 | IN Recipes

Instead of going out for Chinese food, which is loaded with oil and salt, make this healthy and tasty steamed Manchurian recipe at home.  Continue Reading »



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