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Fat Bites the Dust: It's a Lifestyle [Guest Column]

  By posted Sep 11th 2012
Weight Loss
Samraat Kakkar

Samraat Kakkar

Into Digital marketing by profession, stung by the fitness bug in recent years, bringing to you a working professional's journey from being overweight to fitness. Through this column, I endeavour to bring to you my daily challenges, temptations & lifestyle changes that a working professional like you and me encounter to attain our expected form of fitness. My motto: fitness is a journey, not a destination.

I do not accurately remember the years when I moved from being a lean and an active child to being overweight. But what I do remember are the years where being overweight became part of my life.

The first time I decided to take my weight matters into my own hands was in 2005. I was 26 and touching 86 kgs. With the right mix of determination, regular visits to the gym & a controlled diet, I was down to 78 kgs in 3 months. For me it was nirvana, Which meant soon I was back to my lifestyle of erratic eating habits & drinking. And no time for workouts

The second awakening happened in 2009. I was 31 and had touched 91 kgs. Again I started with a bang & within 6 months, was down to 79 kgs. But then again, old habits die hard. Festivities, parties, weekend get-aways, all made sure that I was eating & drinking as if there was no tomorrow. But this time I thought I had become wiser, therefore I didn't quit the gym and continued my visits regularly. And yet by June 2011, I was back to 91 kgs.

So it was time for my third attempt at weight loss. But it was also time for deep introspection. The struggle with weight issues had gone on for many years. And I was not getting any younger. I knew with every next attempt at weight loss, I would face a challenge of slowing metabolism, unresponsive body & critically my growing age. 

But this time I had realized that without changes to my lifestyle, it was impossible to maintain my weight loss. I was willing to give up habits that had plagued my weight loss. I was willing to adorn a changed life. This meant reduced intake of alcohol, a gag on desserts, less of eating out, small meals, healthy eating and other similar changes. And more importantly to look at these changes as lifestyle changes rather than a stop-go arrangement. 

I again managed to loose 17 kgs in 8 months. But critically, I have been able to maintain this weight loss, thus allowing me to focus on other health & fitness goals for myself.

There may be many quick-fix solutions to weight loss but sustaining the weight loss and improving fitness levels requires a mind-shift rather than a quick-fix. It is important to make a commitment to yourself & hang in there to make every visit to the gym count rather than just give up. In the end, it's worth the effort.

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