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Healthy Foods: Figs with Goat Cheese Recipe

  By posted Jun 26th 2013
Susan Lupackino

Susan Lupackino

Susan Lupackino a Registered Dietician (RD) working with the University of Pennsylvania practicing Prenatal Nutrition shares her Figs with Goat Cheese recipe. Susan has her own nutrition consulting business as well as a blog,  foodisgood; she has a passion for helping live a healthier and active lifestyle - everything in moderation.


Healthy Foods: Figs with Goat Cheese



One of my fondest summer memories growing up as a child in Lebanon was playing hopscotch, marbles and climbing fruit trees with my siblings and cousins.  One tree in particular and native to the Middle East, the Fig tree, produces my favourite fruit.  Besides being very nutritious, Figs are exotic – their abundance of flavour, colour, texture, and appearance are irresistible.  And this is the perfect time to get your hands on a basket from your nearest farmers market.  


Figs have two seasons. A quick, shorter season in early summer and a second, main crop that starts in late summer and runs through fall.


Filled with fibre. Figs make a delicious and healthy treat. Five figs have about 5g fibre and 100 calories. That’s a considerable amount of fibre since the recommended dietary allowance is 25-35g and the average American only consumes about15g of fibre


Fresh or dried. Figs make a great toping. Add it to salads or top off your pizza (white) with a handful of dried Figs.  Figs also make a scrumptious appetizer. One of my all time favourite is Figs with goat cheese and almonds. 


Hosting a party and want to blow your guests away? Try this easy recipe:


Figs with Goat Cheese Recipe



  • 10 fresh Figs, halved
  • 4 ounces goat cheese (chèvre) 
  • 20 chopped almond
  • 2 tablespoon honey 



1. Preheat the oven broiler for high heat

2. Place the Fig halves, cut side up, on a baking sheet 

3. Top each Fig with about ½ teaspoon of goat cheese 

4. Sprinkle the almonds 

5. For about 2-3 minutes, broil the figs in the oven until the cheese is soft and the almonds have a nice golden brown colour to them. Let cool for 5 minutes and drizzle the honey on top of each Fig. Serve warm.   


*Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images



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