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Fastest Way to Fight That Annoying Cold [Opinion]

  By posted Nov 17th 2012
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Trina Remedios

Trina Remedios

What do you do when you fall sick two days before a kickass weekend? Some say you don’t have control over your body, some say it takes three days to cure a cold and some say fight a cold with cold. I did the opposite and had a killer weekend! This is my story of how I survived, went through all odds to fight the cold, and triumphed over the weekend. 

common cold

Thursday morning seemed dull, I was two days away from a Saturday night party. But the Mumbai local train commute with its germs, humidity, and sweat, and an air conditioned office designed to freeze through the most padded clothing, had other plans for my weekend. A running nose that would put the Bharamaputra's torential waters to shame ensured that my nose was a war zone by mid-day, with dryness and peeling skin as seasonal bonuses. 

Luckily, my editor was kind enough to let me off the hook. Once home I set about to battle the cold and salvage my precious weekend.

This brings me to the methods implemented, all of which I vouch will give you quick relief, to fight a notorious cold in less than three days:

First, freshen up with warm water
Put on a fresh pair of PJs; socks are optional, but trust me they'll have you basking in the comfort zone in no time
Drink warm water
Take a good dose of cough syrup
Rub Vicks Vapour rub all over your throat, nose, chin
Warm owa or ajwain or carom seeds on a tava and dab it on your forehead, nose, cheek bones, chest and throat.
Tuck yourself in bed
Finally, sweat it out!

Honestly, it seems like a lengthy process and I think sweating like a pig works wonders, but I can tell you one thing: I took control of my body, and got rid of a nasty cold in less than three days and had the best damn Saturday night party possible! 

PS: One of the best damn Saturday night parties possible.

PPS: Eating every two hours does help.

*Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images




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