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You Ask, We Answer: Coffee Causes Weight Gain or Weight Loss

  By posted Sep 12th 2013
Weight Loss


You Ask, We Answer: Coffee Causes Weight Gain or Weight Loss


Many of us find it difficult to function without a strong cup of coffee in the morning, while for others coffee acts as a  de-stressor. Let’s find out more about its effect on our weight with the help of nutritionist and freelance writer at Travellers Dietition – Kara Landau.


The serving size of coffee is different for everyone. What might seem like a small mug for someone can be really huge for another.


Kara, says, ‘besides asking for dressing on the side, or requesting that your bread be whole-grain instead of white, always order soy or milk based drinks as part of your meal. Yes, the drinks have calories, but these are “good/valuable calories”, which are low in GI carbohydrates and are a good source of protein to help you feel full.’


Moving onto coffee consumption, for most of us, the small size of a coffee cup should be enough to complement whatever meal you are having, or consumed as a snack in itself. Kara helps us to further understand this by saying, ‘500mls of soymilk could provide somewhere around 320cals/1,340kJ, whereas a small skim latte will have closer to 120cals/500kJ.’


Soymilk and dairy milk have very similar calorie to volume ratios. So, some people might order the skim latte to cut down on their calories; you would need to do the same if ordering a soy alternative to reap the same outcome.


If you are a person who is trying to select between a regular latte, or a skim latte and a small biscuit, you are better off just consuming a regular latte. Just a cup of regular latte will leave you feeling fuller and you get the nutritional benefit of the fat-soluble vitamins, compared to cutting these out and consuming refined carbohydrates in the biscuits.




So if you are planning to order out your breakfast, count your drinks as part of your food intake.  Kara, says, ‘if you would typically order sides with your eggs when you are out at breakfast , along with a regular cup of coffee, then do not ask for an extra side with that coffee, so you can benefit from the protein and slow release carbohydrates for less calories, rather than eating side dishes that are sautéed in butter.’


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