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Weight Loss: Why You Should Stop Yo Yo Dieting

  By posted Feb 21st 2013
Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Why You Should Stop Yo Yo Dieting

Always wondering about how to shed the weight quickly? Then you must have tried several kinds of diet including yo yo dieting, starvation, and skipping meals or avoiding anything remotely fatty like a slice of pizza, right? But here’s the shocker; we bet you no one told you that these methods are actually fattening in the long run. Surprised? Our nutritionist, Neelanjana Singh from Heinz Nutri Life Clinic, pulls the plug on this dangerous weight loss fad also known as Yo Yo Dieting. 

Neelanjana Singh breaks down what really happens when you opt for a yo yo diet and why you gain drastic amounts of weight later in life. She explains, “Yo yo diet means sometime you restrict calories, sometimes you become liberal with calories. So with this kind of mechanism is going on the nerve center in the body gets confused to what is the actual status of the body. Is there plenty calories around or is there a problem of getting food for the body.”

Neelanjana continues, “In this kind of situation, the body’s mechanisms get mixed up and confused, in that case they are not able to do the right mechanism, where the body should include those foods that needs to be stored. It actually goes into a mode where it believes that there is not enough food available till the next meal. So it goes into a mode where it starts depositing more storage fat. Because it believes that there could be a reason that you won’t get enough in the next meal.”

Irregular eating habit is another reason why you are putting on weight. Plan an eating chart and stick to it. It is a fundamental step in your weight loss diet – eat right, eat moderately and eat on time.

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