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Fitness App: Get Rewarded for Exercising

  By posted Sep 11th 2011
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Get Rewarded for Exercising

Who would have dreamt about a fitness application which offered you free merchandise for exercising? You heard us right - A fitness application for lazy people. Sounds like something which is tailor-made for the lazy bones in you and me, doesn’t it? Thanks to the latest iPhone application called Nexercise which offers you free gear for exercising. From a wide list of activities ranging from running to polo, weightlifting and fencing, this application rewards your exercising behaviour by giving you free and discounted merchandise. Here are a few insights about this fitness application.

“We’ve tried to create a lifestyle – not a quick fix. We don’t focus on how many miles you ran or how many pounds you’ve lifted. You get points in the game for healthy behaviours,” says Nexercise co-founder Benjamin Young (via Reuters).

"Technology makes us sedentary, and leads to us making bad, unhealthy choices,"
Young told www.HuffPost.com. "So I thought, 'Is there any way that technology could help us make incrementally better choices?'"

It is this simple idea which led Young to "game-ify the exercise experience and reward people for it."

Nexercise awards points towards winning products from fitness apparels to buying healthy food from selected vendors. There are several other fitness apps available for iPhone users like Earndit, Runkeeper and Nike+, but none of them really hands out rewards after exercising. 

"If you can give people incentives and use that as the carrot and have fun engaging tools in the app," Young says, "then maybe people will do more physical activity."

Even after being full of positives, nexercise comes with a few hitches too 
- it does not offer well-rounded workout routines to fitness enthusiasts who might want to utilise it for home workouts. Other than this, the application runs in the background, i.e. it has to be open all the time on your mobile screen in order to track your fitness routine. But the good news is that the makers of this application have shown promise to add several new user-friendly features in iOS5 which is to be launched in December 2011. 

All said and done, Nexercise is a brilliant prizing platform where lazy people like me can get fit! So, when are you going to nexercise? Come share your experience with us!

Download Nexercise. 

*Image courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images




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