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Are You too Self-Conscious to Exercise?

  By posted May 21st 2011
Weight Loss


Are You too Self-Conscious to Exercise?

You don’t look like a supermodel when you are working out? Shall I share an open secret? Almost none of us do. Being too aware of the self when working out hampers your fitness goals and we all know that. At times we are bogged down with that feeling of being too self- conscious to exercise in front of a group of people. Here are a few tips which will help you conquer your fitness insecurities without feeling self-conscious.

Everybody who has reaped the benefits of fitness has at some point in time, started with baby steps just like you. Take this as a motivation boost when you see other slim or rather physically fit people exercising with you. In your fight against weight loss, your first step should be to feel comfortable. Here are a few steps which you should keep in mind:

Buy proper clothing. Go for a t-shirt which is a size loose so that you don’t feel awkward while exercising. Go for track pants in the same colour scheme (preferably dark) and make sure you buy a well-fitted pair of sports shoes (depending upon your type of exercise). 

Pick a place you're comfortable with. No, you don’t necessarily need to kick start your fitness regimen by going to a crowded gym. Initiate your routine in a local park or may be in your frontyard. Joining that power yoga group that only models frequent is tough on self-confidence, but not impossible.

Find an exercise buddy. It can be a friend, spouse or sibling; anyone who can motivate you.  Workout buddies are your best bet for feeling comfortable while working out. 

Play a sport with your better half. Sign up for a sport like squash, tennis, or basketball. These sports will give you a full body workout while bringing out the best in your relationship. There’s a reason why team spirit always prevails! 

Go for the right gym and trainer. Ask if your trainers are certified. While chasing certificates might not be the best proof of someone's skills, some gyms go as far as to hire complete novices as trainers. Without certification there is no guarantee that the trainer knows the 'right' technique of doing a barbell squat or any other exercise for that matter. The right trainer will be able to get you well involved with your workout, and before you know it - you won't feel self-concious ever again.

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