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Why You Should Opt For Organic Beauty Products

  By posted Aug 25th 2014
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Why You Should Opt For Organic Beauty Products


Many consumers have started purchasing organic food because they do not want to be exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals. Your skin absorbs up to 64 per cent of what you apply on it, so instead of harmful chemicals use healthy ingredients on your skin.


Conventional and natural beauty products may contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals that could be absorbed through your skin. Organic products can be luxurious and effective; some even have clinically validated results showing age-defying results of up to 87% reduction of free radical scavenging (goodbye wrinkles and sunspots)!


It's never too early or too late to start an organic regimen! Organically farmed fruits and vegetables can also contain up to 30% more vitamins and minerals than conventionally farmed crops, meaning all of these antioxidants are feeding your skin. Your skin will thank you for not using harsh ingredients that can strip away its natural oils.


"Natural" products don't have any regulation, so any company can name their products "natural" if they have a few ingredients that come from the earth. Look for certified organic ingredients, which dramatically reduce residue from pesticides, unnecessary chemicals and synthetic fertilizer in their products.


Chemicals like parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, sulfates, PEGs, TES, DEA, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes and fragrances are some of the chemicals, which can lead to health problems such as endocrine disruption.


COPA, USDA and NSF are some Organic Farming and Manufacturing standards in the world. Any organic product you opt for should match these standards.



Data Courtesy: Karen Behnke, Founding Partner, Juice Beauty


*Images courtesy: © Shutterstock


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