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Video on How to do Jala Neti or Nasal Irrigation

  By posted May 7th 2014
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Video on How to do Jala Neti or Nasal Irrigation

It may seem like a bizarre yoga technique but nasal irrigation or jala neti is an ancient Indian way to clear the nasal passage. Jala neti works brilliantly for those suffering from asthma and sinus. Fitness Instructor and Yoga Guru, Rajesh Sharma from Navi Mumbai explains the right method of doing jala neti or nasal irrigation.


Benefits of Jala Neti:

Rajesh Sharma notes down the various health benefits associated with Nasal Irrigation:

1) This method involves flushing out the nasal passage, hence jala neti improves the hygiene in the nose and cleanses the nasal passage.

2) The jala neti refreshes the nerve ends in the inner mucous membrane of the nose.

3) Nasal irrigation increases the resistance capacity of the nasal passage and reduces the irritability in the nose.

4) It is believed that nasal irrigation prevents and helps cure bronchial trouble, common cold, chronic functional cold, asthma, sinus, etc.

5) Jala neti is also effective in preventing and reducing burning sensations and watery eyes.

6) The end result of jala neti is natural and comfortable breathing as this yoga technique refreshes the nerve endings in the nose.

Who should avoid Jala Neti:

Rajesh Sharma says, “Persons with blocked nostrils should avoid Jala Neti. Avoid using salt if a person is suffering from hypertension or if salt is a risk factor for any other reason.”

Notes on Jala Neti:

Rajesh points out, “You need to learn this technique from a good instructor.” He goes on to make some important suggestions on nasal irrigation, “After completing jala neti, you need to flush out the water completely from your nose by doing expulsions through each nostril. Do the kapalbhati expulsion through each nostril in the hastapadasana position.”


*Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images



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