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Skin Care: 10 Summer Tips for Acne

  By posted Apr 4th 2013
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Skin Care: 10 Summer Tips for Acne

Summers are here and it is the most nightmarish time for skin issues specially acne. Ugly to look at and painful in general, the outbreak of acne can be extremely demotivating and affect the confidence of an individual. But acne can be nipped in the bud and we are not suggesting picking it out as doing that will leave a scar. So start applying medicines on your pimples instead of bursting them.


  1. Keep your face clean. Remove your make properly. You can use a salycylic face wash.
  2. Rinse your face once you get home after spending the day outside.
  3. Do not scrub. Over washing and scrubbing can cause skin irritation. 
  4. Don't touch your face too often. Or don't lean on any surface. Here the face can get infected with bacteria. 
  5. Try using brands or make-up which say on the label'non Comedogenic’
  6. Avoid the Sun. It can increase the chance of a acne outbreak. 
  7. You can use anti acne masks once a week. 
  8. Acne occurs because of hormonal imbalance, so your dermatologist might ask you to get your hormones tested. 
  9. Dandruff is also one of the most common causes of acne on forehead or back. It's important to use an anti-dandruff shampoo suggested by your dermatologist. 
  10. Avoid wearing tight body hugging clothes if you have acne on the body.


If nothing helps, your dermatologist can provide you with the best solution. Consult him / her if you think the outbreak of acne is out of control or if there is a deeper issue.


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