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Sharpening your Memory with Ayurveda

  By posted Aug 28th 2014
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Sharpening your Memory with Ayurveda



A good memory is an advantage in many ways. When you are young it helps you study better and as you get older it comes in handy both at work and at home, helping you manage your life easily. Unfortunately, our memory is something that we take for granted, and it is only when our memory starts to fail us that we begin to realise how crucial it is. Forgetting names, faces, phone numbers, birthdays and groceries that need to be bought are all examples of a failing memory. In time, the problem can become more serious, with people forgetting crucial things like switching off the gas or not taking the keys when they leave the house. 


Ayurveda attributes poor memory to the following causes:
• The brain is not getting enough nutrients.
• A chemical imbalance in the brain.
• Old age, which is known as the vata stage of life, is causing your memory to deteriorate.
• Experiences, thoughts and feelings that have not been dealt with are causing mental indigestion.


These are some changes you can make in your diet to improve your memory:
• Eat more fresh, organic vegetables and drink raw vegetables juices.
• Try to eat carrots and beetroots every day.
• Consume more almonds or almond oil.
• Avoid spicy and pungent foods that are bitter and caustic.
• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars and heavy foods like meats and cheeses.
• Drink more cows' milk and cook with cows' ghee.
• Temper your food with spices like black pepper and turmeric.
• Include the following herbs in your diet: brahmi, bringharaj, jatamanshi, sankhapuspi, nasya and ashwagandha.


Lifestyle changes
Ayurveda recommends certain changes in your lifestyle to improve your memory as well. Start by exercising your body to improve your blood flow and flush out the toxins in your system. Exercise your mind by challenging it, by taking up crossword puzzles, quizzes or any other mentally stimulating activity. Get enough sleep and avoid stress and emotional upheavals as far as possible. Massage your scalp and the soles of your feet with Bhringaraj oil, to calm your nervous system.


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