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Sex Education: How to Talk to Your Teens about Sex

  By posted Mar 3rd 2014
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Although sex education is offered in many schools today, one cannot simply count on classroom talk alone. There has to be some sex education provided to teens at home too. However, all parents and teens dread that embarrassing sex talk. Nonetheless, every parent should be prepared to have that conversation with their teens before they discover other means to gain this information.  If you don’t know how to go about with the sex talk, here are a few tips that will help you go through with it.

Break the ice
The most difficult part of the sex talk is how to get it started.  Instead of waiting for the right moment, try initiating the topic in an ongoing conversation. Subtly include the topic while discussing a news story or watching TV.

Be honest and direct
Honesty is vital when you’re having the sex talk. If you feel uncomfortable, let your kid know about it and stress on the importance of the topic. Be direct about all the basic science involved while having intercourse. Also educate them about oral sex, pregnancy and STD’s. 

Consider their questions
Don’t let it sound like a lecture, keep the discussion open to questions. Clear out their doubts without being judgmental.  This is the time to win them over and make yourself more approachable to them.

Don’t just focus on facts

When you tell them about sex, let them know about the emotional appeal to it. Talk about feelings, love and values. Teach them about ethics and responsibilities when considering sex.

Discuss dating, physical intimacy and consequences

Dating can put some pressure on them to have sex. Teach them to take control over their emotions and be brave enough to say no when they don’t feel comfortable enough. Love may not always mean sex. Let them also know about the consequences of sex and how it could lead to emotional turmoil, stress, pregnancy or STD’s.

Be approachable
Keep all the lines of communication open when it comes to discussing sex. Do not put any pressure on them about your views. Allow them to think about it and discuss their view with you. If you leave it to a point where they don’t hesitate to approach you, you can help them better while dealing with any such problems.

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