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Keratin Treatment for Hair: Pros and Cons

  By posted Nov 23rd 2013
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keratin treatment for hair


Keratin treatment is one of the latest and most popular hair straightening treatments. It not only straightens curly and frizzy hair but also improves the texture of straight hair and boosts its shine. Women have long struggled with their hair irons and blow dryers to straighten their tresses. They have even tried the hair relaxing treatment, which has often been criticised because it damages the hair cuticle. But finally the keratin treatment or the Brazilian blowout seems to have won over most women and hairstylists. In this article we weight in on the pros and cons of the keratin treatment.


What is the Keratin Treatment? 
Keratin is a protein, which is naturally present in hair. It is also the reason that our hair stays straight and shiny. Over the years, this keratin content in the hair reduces due to diet and lifestyle changes, thus making the hair look frizzy and dry. During a keratin treatment, keratin is artificially added to the hair to make it look smooth, shiny and frizz free, thereby making it very popular among women and men.

How does it work?
The hairstylist begins by washing your hair with a keratin based shampoo and conditioner. He/she then blow dries the hair to remove all the moisture. This is then followed by the application of the keratin solution with a brush. After this, the hair is allowed to set for awhile. Following this, he blow dries the hair again and uses a hot flat iron to seal in the solution. This process takes about two hours, depending on the length of your hair. The hair must not be allowed to get wet for the next three days after the treatment. When you are finally done with this, you will have smooth and frizz free hair for three months or more.


Now that you know what the keratin treatment is about, consider these pros and cons before you make your decision.


  • Keratin Treatment is safe for the hair
  • It makes the hair super shiny and frizz-free
  • It makes the hair soft and silky
  • It is suitable for men and women
  • No proved side effects
  • No need for any hair spray or gel to keep up the straight look
  • Easy styling


  • The chemical used can cause skin irritation and watery eyes
  • In a few cases, it could also cause allergic reactions like a rash or itching
  • The treatment can be costly
  • Pregnant women should avoid it
  • Can be only done under the supervision of a trained hairstylist
  • Special sulphate free shampoo and conditioner have to be used after the treatment to make it last longer
  • It has been criticised for the use of formaldehyde, which is an important chemical used to manufacture building materials and numerous household products.


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