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Penis Size: Know the Average Size of Your Penis

  By posted Jun 1st 2013
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Penis Size: Know the Average Size of Your Penis

Men are conscious about the size of their penis if it is too small to satisfy their partner. Most men have no clue about what actually should be the average size of the penis and keep on underestimating their assets. For all those men who keep on worrying about their ‘intersecting dagger’ constantly, hold on, we have Dr. Deepak .K. Jumani – Sexologist, Mumbai to correct the stats about the penis.

The average size

In order to know the size of the penis, Dr. Deepak suggests – one should stop comparing themselves to other men, instead they should take a measuring tape and analyse their length, erection size and erection angle.


Once you are done with the measurements, compare your answers with the average size of the penis, to know your penis well.


Flaccid length: 

In order to know the correct size of your flaccid penis length, measure it soon after undressing, because the uneven temperature can distort your measurement. Dr. Deepak says – never correspond the length of the flaccid penis to the length of the erect penis, because at times the small flaccid penis can grow much longer and vice versa. The average size of the flaccid penis should be anywhere between 3.5-3.9 inches.

Erect length: 


You will be surprised to know - even if a man has got a ‘small penis’, he can actually bring up the size of penis when he is sexually aroused. The average length of the penis achieved when a man is aroused is around 5.8 inches. This measurement is from the base of the shaft to the tip of your penis.


Erect angle:


When your penis is still erect, there is a ligament, which holds your penis to a certain angle. The angle of the penis can be different for different men. For a good sexual intercourse, the average angle of the penis is 106.8 degrees. To measure this angle, stand straight with your back leaning at your wall, when your penis is erect.


Conclusion: Does size really matters?

Dr. Deepak says – “size of the penis is just a number. However, small a penis maybe it has the capability to touch each and every corner of the vagina.”  Thus if you want your woman to moan louder, concentrate on various movements and positions rather than pleasing her with the size. 


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*Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images




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