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Lycopodium: An Effective Solution to Several Types of Illnesses

  By posted Jul 1st 2014
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Lycopodium: An Effective Solution to Several Types of Illness!


Lycopodium, which is also known as Club Moss, Wolf's Claw, Fox Tail, Running Pine, etc. is an evergreen plant that is usually used as homeopathic medication for gout, digestive orders, kidney stones and more. 


The term Lycopodium has originally comes from Greek lukos (wolf) and podion little of pous (foot). It usually appears as a pale-yellow colour. In homeopathy, lycopodium has different kinds of uses according to the bodies' symptoms. This medication is usually applied to illnesses that are gradually developing, as it is a homeopathic remedy rather than a prescription medication.

Let's have a look upon various uses of Lycopodium:

• Lycopodium can be used to treat various types of digestive disorders such as bloating, nausea, constipation, heartburn and bleeding haemorrhoids.


• It can be used to treat an enlarged prostate and blood in the urine.


• Various types of skin irritations such as psoriasis and nettle rash can also be treated with Lycopodium.


• It is also helpful for the people who are suffering from performance anxiety and may perhaps assist children affected from anxiety accompanied by bedwetting.


• Besides being a homeopathic remedy, lycopodium is also useful in treating headaches, tender throats, flu, chronic dry coughs, hair loss, chronic fatigue syndrome, tiredness, psoriasis and many more.


• It is also utilised to help out people who are suffering from effects of self-esteem.


• The use of lycopodium is also beneficial in preventing as well as healing all types of chest infections.


• It assists in avoiding condition of tiredness and chronic fatigue.


• For imperfect erections this remedy acts successfully.


• It is effective in relieving symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea and vomiting, indigestion and bloated abdomen.


• It also can exempt indications of gas, cramping, too much flatulence, constipation and bleeding haemorrhoids.


• This substance can also be used in making fireworks due to its flammable properties.


• It can also be used as an outer coating for pills due to the water resistance of its spores.


• The flammable powder, which is made up of club moss spores can be used as an absorbent in surgery.


So, these are some of the important uses of Lycopodium. This highly useful herb has been used medically since the middle ages and even today people continue to use it for treating several conditions and various related symptoms.


In order to prepare the homeopathic medicine lycopodium, the spikes of the plant are harvested during the summer and the spores are collected from them. Afterwards, these spores are drenched in alcohol for a minimum period of four to five years. Later on, the resultant solution is filtered, watered down and stirred up. Lycopodium is an end product that is obtained by this process. Lycopodium Spore Powder is especially effective in treating various conditions.


This homeopathic medicine can be very useful for providing relief to a large number of people from their ailments. Apart from being an effective medicine for treating various physical conditions and their related symptoms, lycopodium has also proved to be useful in curing emotional disorders due to insecurity such as nervousness, cowardice, anxiety, insomnia, intolerance, night fears, etc.


Author Bio: Daniel Clark, the author of this post is a medical expert too. Here he is sharing some of the homeopathic treatments related with Lycopodium Spore Powder and how it can be used for treating various conditions.



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