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Laughter: The Best Health Supplement

  By posted Jun 26th 2011
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Laughter: The Best Health Supplement

If you still haven’t rented that new rib tickling comedy, we suggest you make an evening out of it very soon. The old saying of laughter being the best medicine has found new takers in recent years. New research tells us that laughter really is the best medicine. Read on to know how laughter not only gives you a healthier heart, but also makes your work environment more productive and healthy.

Humour helps professionals deal with work stress. Research suggests that humour helps workers survive difficult ordeals and tasks at work. One such research studied the effects of humour amongst medical professionals – a field well-recognised as being high on stress and emotional drain. When asked about how they coped with terminally ill patients and their families, most medical professionals replied with: Humour. 

Laughter aids healthy blood flow. A 2005 study from  the University of Maryland Medical Center  claimed that laughter causes the dialation of inner walls of blood vessels – therefore, improving  blood flow.The fineprint speaks of why happy emotions lead to better cardiovascular health – laughter topping the list. 

Laughter reduces inflammations. Laughter initiates the release of nitric oxide in our bodies, which has certain cardioprotective properties. As per the study, mentioned above, one of these properties is reduction and prevention of physical and internal inflammations. Simply put, the more you laugh – the better your body reacts to physical and internal stress.

Laughter stimulates growth hormones. An earlier 2006 study concluded that laughter stimulates the secretion of growth hormones. 

Stronger cardivascular health, growth stimulation, increased immunity, better stress regulation - We think this is reason enough to get a little serious about joie de vivre and find avenues that help us laugh more. So if your days lack that extra zest and spirit, how about exploring the possibility of a laughter club? Over 3000 such clubs exist in India today. Step over to Laughter Yoga International to find out which groups are available close to you. 

When you take that first gulpful of fresh morning air right before you let loose and enjoy your first ever laughter session, you will already feel your worries melting away.

*Image courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images 



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