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Kidney Dialysis: Importance & Advantages of Dialysis

  By posted Feb 17th 2014
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Kidney Dialysis: Importance & Advantages of Dialysis

Kidney failure is often associated with dialysis. It is a cumbersome treatment undertaking mostly in hospitals. How does kidney dialysis treat kidney failure? Dr. Bharat Shah, Director at Institute of Renal Sciences in Global Hospitals at Mumbai erases the myths and explains the advantages of kidney dialysis.

He says, “Dialysis in one of the biggest advances in science. It is useful for patients with severe acute kidney injury and end stage kidney disease.”

He breaks down dialysis on two basis:

1) Dialysis of acute kidney injury
2) Dialysis of end stage kidney

Dialysis is based on the severity of the case. Some cases need few weeks of dialysis, which is in the initial stage of a renal problem. He elaborates, “Patients with severe acute kidney injury can recover over a period of time, which maybe days, weeks or months. Until the kidney recovers, they need dialysis treatment. In the past when dialysis was not available, all these patients died. Today, with the support of dialysis treatment, these patients can survive.”

He recounts his patient’s dialysis treatment, “Just two weeks back I had a patient - a young female who developed acute kidney injury after delivery. She was not passing any urine, she was supported with dialysis for about a week and then her kidneys recovered and dialysis was stopped.”

Dialysis also prolongs life for those with renal failure, Dr. Bharat Shah says, “Patients with end stage kidney disease have only two treatment options: Life-long dialysis and kidney transplants. For those who are fit, kidney transplants are a far better option. For those who cannot undergo a transplant, if they are not fit for surgery or if they do not have a suitable donor, dialysis is the only option.”

He adds, “In the past, without dialysis all these patients died. Now, patients survive on dialysis for many years. I have a patient who has been on dialysis for 25 years. Thus, dialysis is a life saving and life sustaining treatment for patients with kidney failure.”

Dialysis is considered painful, the doctor refutes it, “Many people feel that dialysis is painful and are scared of starting dialysis treatment. In fact, it is not at all painful. It is only after they start dialysis that they realise they were wrong.”

He concludes, “Many people feel that the need for dialysis means being close to death. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, I have patients on dialysis for many years enjoying a good quality life.”

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